ScratchMommy Skincare Review (By Lavender Lotion & Lip Lotion (#organic - #skincare)

ScratchMommy Skincare – Lavender Infused Lotion & Lip Lotion

ScratchMommy Skincare Review (By is more than just another web-store, they’re part of a mission to restore health in your home.

ScratchMommy created one of the largest online communities that includes: DIY skincare resources, ideas for your home, and healthy recipes too! A beautiful network of people who’ve come together, each with their own important mission. I consider ScratchMommy to be a tool I use in my everyday life.

With all these skills, it’s no surprise that recently- started their own line of organic, DIY skincare that you can actually afford! Who doesn’t love to have the opportunity to try new skincare products when they get the chance? I for one can’t wait to get these items a try!

They have a bunch of skin goodies HERE if you can’t wait and want to get shopping now.

ScratchMommy Skincare Review (By

For my ScratchMommy Skincare review, I was graced with 2 items:


  • Size: 1oz
  • Price: $10USD
  • Ingredients: Distilled Water, Lavender-Infused Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil Beeswax, Vitamin E, Rosemary Antioxidant, Lavender Essential Oil.
  • Packaging: Clear glass jar

The “Lavender-Infused” lotion is vivid white, light, and really fluffy. It smells natural, with top notes of lavender (obviously) and rosemary. It takes no time to be absorbed- which is a great thing cause every single ingredient is healthy and will do your body good.

ScratchMommy Skincare Review (By

The lavender lotion served my skin well over the last hard weeks of beginning winter temperatures (in Canada… that’s one heck of a task!)

I’d recommend this cream to anyone thinking of making a healthy skincare switch. For those who are considering doing the whole DIY lotion idea but don’t quite have the time or energy for it… It’s a great product to have on-hand instantly.

I used ScratchMommy’s Lavender-Infused Lotion solely on my hands, elbows, and arms. Beeswax on my face has never agreed with my complexion (but for some it’s not an issue, so you can test the waters- should you please…)

Overall, I liked this perfect little pot of whipped-up lavender lotion. My skin responded well to it, and best of all- a little, goes a long way.

ScratchMommy LIP LOTION

  • Size: -.15oz.
  • Price: $4.50USD
  • Ingredients: Almond Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Neem Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oil: Bergamot & Blue Chamomile.

When it comes to a good chapstick- I ask for only one thing: BEESWAX! It’s the star piece you need to keep your lips moisturized and protected- even during the worst of blasted winter or summer temperatures- beeswax will keep your lips looking sexy.

ScratchMommy don’t let down, beeswax is right up there on the list of ingredients along with a whole other slew of goodies that will keep your lips feeling all kinds of smooth.

ScratchMommy Lip Lotion review

It glides on, stays on, and definitely helped keep my lips from feeling like sand paper (which for me, they usually do at this time of year…)

I love the combination of bergamot and chamomile, makes it smell sweet, almost like chocolate.

I appreciate everything this chapstick gives to lips. It does the job, kept my yapper soft, and I only need apply it a few times per day. To anyone who doesn’t own a good beeswax-based lip treatment- you will be amazed after trying one. Skincare Review (By #DIY #Organic #Skincare

ScratchMommy Skincare – ADDING DIY LOVE TO YOUR LIFE

When you buy ScratchMommy skincare you are guaranteed to be getting products that are: 100% certified organic, raw/unrefined, sustain-ably sourced, GMO-free, & handcrafted in small batches!

“Life, from scratch…” is ScratchMommy’s motto…

ScratchMommy is another reason to clean-up your vanity, your makeup bag, and your home… Their range of products is original and viable: organic makeup, deodorants, serums, salves & so much more… Get shopping HERE


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