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Calgary, Alberta has been churning-out some of the best skincare lately, including a reason for my Puur Ingrid Review. Living by their slogan “ELEVATE YOUR BEAUTY” – after trying their products, I get this tag line…

Created by a Calgary mama who wanted a safe detangler for her son… She’s come a long way. Blending some of the finest ingredients I have tried in months. All Puur Ingrid products are:

  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free

First, Puur Ingrid skincare is simple but advanced. Easy to use, yet very fancy in appearance. Finally, they are known for blending using: SQUALANE ABSOLUTE. A sugar derived ingredient known for delivering natural hydration. Pretty cool, “squalane” was new to me.

So let’s see what I got, what worked, and what I loved most!

For this Puur Ingrid Review I was sent (thanks @CertClean):

Facial Radiance – Puur Ingrid Review

Price: $34.95 CAD (expiry: 12M) – 30ml

Puur Ingrid Review - by WhippedGreenGirl.com #canadiangreenbeauty (natual, Canadian skincare developed by a mother)

My skin instantly starting crying for this stuff when I read it contained Evening Primrose Oil & Vitamin C. These 2 in combination become skin ninja’s at moisturizing and enhancing skin elasticity. They also love repairing damaged skin cells (AKA helping your skin look happy, healthier… younger)

Finally some of that unique SQUALANE- also found in this face serum. Goes in deep to promote collagen and makes your face feel all kinds of fresh. Love the classy, glass dropper and the rich scent of essential oils, including: ROSEMARY & LEMON

So yes, I swear by rich, oil-based (I avoid the water ones…) face serums- just like this one. They work, they never fail. If our skin naturally produces oil, I understand why putting oil on it- on serves to regulate and keep wrinkles the freak away. Facial Radiance is luxurious reason to liven-up your sweet cheeks.  

Squalane Absolute

Price: $24.95 CAD (expiry: 12M) – 30ml

Simply, a ONE ingredient serum you never knew your skin needed… Until you actually try it. Unscented, this is “that” face serum for ANYONE’s skin. Fuzzy, oily, acne-prone… all types will benefit from what kind of stuff 100% plant-sugar derived Squalane can do. So what is that?

  • Penetrates deep into pores to stimulate collagen
  • Gives your skin a good boost of instant moisturization
  • Helps skin become more hydrated, hence more happy & plump

Doesn’t feel sticky, or too liquid’ee… It goes on much like any carrier oil does. But it’s absolutely clear and void of any color. Really fun new ingredient. So far, my skin loves riding this new squalane wave!   

Triple Treat Tonic – Hair Detangler

Price: $18.95 CAD (expiry: 12M) – 118ml

I have never received a 100% plant-based, natural hair detangler. So wigs off to Puur Ingrid, a proudly Canadian company for stepping-up to offer my child (and myself) alternatives. I love spraying this tonic just for the sweetened citrus scent. My daughter is convinced it’s a magic spray. So, that’s say a lot. Considering before I had this product, trying to brush her hair often required blackmailing or a full-out chase.

This is one of the products that started it all at Puur Ingrid. Another mother, who just wanted to brush her son’s hair. Motherhood isn’t easy. We take whatever breaks we can. So thanks to Puur Ingrid for offering something, healthy and innovative that entire broods will benefit.

I do find it makes brushing, washed hair, easier. Great on my daughters straight, smooth hair!

CONCLUSION on Puur Ingrid Review

From their haircare, body care to skincare. Quite frankly, they got it right. Truly, they’ve zeroed in on a star ingredient “SQUALANE” and created an entire line based on it. Proudly made in Canada. Stored in luxurious recyclable glass, frosted bottles.

I am very impressed with this Calgary company. Not only are their prices amazing, so is the quality, the packaging, and the ingredients. For anyone looking for natural blends, PuurIngrid.com is a beautiful place to start.

(Thanks @CertClean for sending me these stellar products! Proud to be part of your community & a Clean Beauty Awards judge too!)

Take note, all Puur Ingrid’s products are certified by CertClean – North America’s leading certification for safer skincare!

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For more info- see CertClean & PurPicks Instagram pages! 

Finally, thanks for reading! Check me on the flipside- @WhippedGreenGirl (Angie)

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