Pink and Green Organic Skincare

Pink and Green Organic Skincare #REVIEW (By

Pink and Green Organic Skincare Review

Returning to aromatherapy techniques and organic materials is one of the biggest beauty movements since the start of the cosmetic industry.

People are finally questioning what they are putting on their skin; desperate for clean options- companies like “Pink and Green Organic Skincare” are coming out of the woodwork’s.

Pink and Green uses simple ingredients- carrier oils and essential oils. Blended by hand in the UK, stored properly in glass tinted bottles

For this Pink and Green Organic Skincare review- I was graced with the prettiest kit including:

Pink and green review SACHET & CLOTH





Organic Rose Floral Water (made by Pink & Green Organic Skincare) by #organic #skincareORGANIC ROSE FLORAL WATER (30ml)

Ingredients: 100% organic rose floral water (that’s all folks…)

Pink and Green’s “Organic Rose Floral Water” is excatly what your skin is asking for after a shower. This rose water doesn’t smell of roses as much as I’m used to, but it’s still lovely. The pump sprays a perfect mist, that is easily absorbed by skin. Rose water is good for all skin types, even if you have sensitive skin. I got a bit of a sunburn recently and this spray was what I kept reaching for to cool it down and it stopped it from peeling.



Organic Facial Cleaning oil (made by Pink and Green Organic Skincare) #REVIEW by WhippedGreenGirl.comORGANIC FACIAL CLEANSING OIL (10ml)

Ingredients: organic peach kernel oil, orange & lavender essential oils

There’s no easier, healthier way to clean your skin than using a pure carrier oil. It lifts makeup (mascara too), doesn’t scratch, and nourishes.

You don’t need to use a lot either, only a few drops is enough to clean your entire face. Feels great on your neck too.

I just used my fingers to swirl it around and a cloth to wipe it off.

I also loved mixing a few drops of this cleansing oil with my masks. Then I’d clean my face off with the organic muslin cloth Pink & Green provided. Truly did wonders on making my skin fresh again and the lavender smells great.


Organic Balancing Facial Oil (made by Pink and Green Organic Skincare) #REVIEW By WhippedGreenGirl.comORGANIC BALANCING FACIAL OIL (10ml)

Ingredients: organic jojoba oil, hazelnut oil, geranium & cypress essential oils

My favorite out of this bunch is without a doubt the “Organic Rich Facial Oil”. You only need 3 drops on your face to feed it all. It’s made for oily skin (which I suffer from in the summer months)

Pink and Green added geranium oil to this product because on skin, it’s truly a woman’s oil- great for wrinkles, fights acne, and naturally cleanses. I used it as my makeup primer and before bed. Pure facial serums of this caliber is something my skin can’t live without. They are essential to any beauty routine and a must have for anyone!

Now in my 30’s, I constantly get asked why I have no wrinkles- I sincerely attribute it to consistently using these exact kinds of facial oils daily since my teenage years…

Pink and Green Organic Skincare Review by


I’m so happy for blogs, to give a voice to companies like Pink and Green Organic Skincare. I would have never heard of this company if not for the internet and their passion. Before sending me products, the company owner herself took much pride in selecting exactly what my skin needed. Knowing and caring about your customers… wow- it’s truly a breath of fresh air.

The only thing that irked me was the acutal company name (Pink & Green Organic Skincare) is hard to remember because its not written on the front of the bottles. They need that name front and centre to keep reminding consumers of who they are…

As an aromatherapist myself, I can spot a quick dupe faster than a con-man. Pink and Green is the real deal- 100% pure, organic, natural skincare. Packaged properly, blended properly, with a little something for all skin types. For more information on Pink and Green Organic Skincare CLICK HERE

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