Odacite Wild Carrot Serum

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Odacite Wild Carrot Serum (by WhippedGreenGirl.com) #faceserum #odacite #tohealthandbeauty #antiaging #organic #skincare

Every now and then I find a gift from mother-nature that delivers above all expectations; roll-out the red carpet for my latest discovery: ODACITE WILD CARROT SERUM



INGREDIENTS: Highest-grade cold-pressed certified Wild Carrot oil, Certified GMO-free Vitamin E oil

  • Use: Restore vital glow
  • Produced by: Odacité
  • Size: 5 ml
  • Price: $65 CND
  • Shelf Life: 6 months

Gluten FreeFREE FROM


Odacite Wild Carrot Serum (by WhippedGreenGirl.com) #faceserum #odacite #tohealthandbeauty #antiaging #organic #skincare

First, I knew this face serum was special based on the fact the ingredient list is simple but high in caliber (2 things: carrot seed oil & vitamin E)

Odacité use a rare, hand-pressed, carrot-seed-oil, made in France. The extraction methods have been practiced for over 200 yrs in a small French village. Carrot seed oil is a powerful antioxidant and fights cell damage- a.k.a: wrinkles… Hence, why Odacité chose this viable, imported oil. Used alone, it will improve and restore a youthful complexion + vital glow.


I want to make a very clear distinctionCARROT SEED OIL (used by ODACITE) & CARROT SEED ESSENTIAL OIL (not in this product) – are two completely different things.

Carrot Seed essential oil is a very harsh essential oil, it evaporates and can only be used in very low concentrations. I don’t like to work with carrot seed essential oil often because it smells putrid and often reacts on sensitive skin. I’ve seen some harsh rashes caused by this stuff…

Carrot Seed Oil (used in this serum by ODACITE) is completely different. It’s not an essential oil; it’s considered a carrier oil. It smells so much better than the essential oil version and is easily absorbed by the skin. It’s rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Carrot seed oil is dark green in appearance; it’s easily absorbed and leaves behind nothing but smooth skin.



Odacite Wild Carrot Serum (by WhippedGreenGirl.com) #faceserum #odacite #tohealthandbeauty #antiaging #organic #skincare

Odacité went to great lengths to acquire extremely high quality oils from certified organic, cruelty-free manufacturers. This face serum is evidence that using only a few high-quality ingredients can literally replace and exceed all your other face products combined.

When applied- Odacite Wild Carrot Serum glides on easily, can be used at night- after a shower or when your face needs some love. I also enjoy applying it before doing my make-up, it acts as a great natural primer- giving your makeup something to hold-on to.

Odacite Wild Carrot Serum is great on all skin types.

Smell wise, this unique serum emits a refreshingly fruity and woodsy scent. Very relaxing! Personally, I used the serum twice a day. Immediately, I felt a difference in the softness of my cheeks (after only 3 days of usage!) Tried taking pictures, but they don’t it justice…

Odacité’s Wild Carrot Serum is living proof you can improve your skin’s appearance organically… Using only the earth’s richest gift: pure plant active nutrients. That’s why Odacite a now leaders in pure-plant ingredients, making them one of the best organic skincare lines on the market. They’ve done their research and continue to make products that heal, nourish and leave skin happy and chemical-free.

Hats off to Odacité for paving the way to clean, organic beauty!

Odacite Wild Carrot Serum (by WhippedGreenGirl.com) #faceserum #odacite #tohealthandbeauty #antiaging #organic #skincare


Finally, YES I LOVE THIS OIL. Proud to stand behind everything Odacite makes. Just the amount of research alone that goes into every ingredient, deserves a big nod. Truly, Odacite has a passion to cure – heal – love skin

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Purchase Odacite Wild Carrot Serum direct, via Odacite’s website. Canadians, you can also pick it up via WELL.CA!

Odacite CaR Wild Carrot Facial Serum Concentrate
Odacite Wild Carrot Serum (by WhippedGreenGirl.com) #faceserum #odacite #tohealthandbeauty #antiaging #organic #skincare


Odacite Wild Carrot Serum (by WhippedGreenGirl.com) #faceserum #odacite #tohealthandbeauty #antiaging #organic #skincare

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