Indian Bijou Cushion Cover Review

Indian Bijou Cushion Cover Review



Getting the chance to write-up this Indian Bijou Cushion Cover Review is my latest opportunity to celebrate sustainable and eco-friendly crafts. Indian Bijou are makers of trendy home décor (cushion covers, picture frames, tealight holders, +more…) with a focus on deep rooted traditions and creativity.


All Indian Bijou products are environmentally friendly, plus they’re sourced and made locally. Their approach is helping to evolve struggling economies by offering fair trade jobs, while preserving century old traditions for future generations.

When shopping on their product line includes:


Indian Bijou employ specially chosen professionals to create their art. Accomplished via a 3-tier “collection”, it diversifies their products. Here’s a quick breakdown on their unique approach at manufacturing:

  1. MASTER ARTISAN – showcases India’s most reputable artisans in the art of wood carvings (seen in their collections of photo frames, tealight and votive candle holders)
  2. EMPOWER COLLECTION – a tribute to women/men preserving India’s heritage and works, the traditional ways. Empower Collection items are always and only handmade.
  3. MUGHAL COLLECTION – created by artisans in the city of Jaipur (considered the jewelry capital of India) It gives homage to the beautiful and ethereal jewelry designs inspired by Mughal artisans using floral and geometric motifs…

Indian Bijou Cushion Cover Review

Indian Bijou Cushion Cover Review


For my first Indian Bijou featured item (more reviews to come in near future…) I was given a beautiful cushion cover (the Madhubani Owl Motif – 16 X 16). At a cost of $33CND, it’s such a beautiful piece of work.

Unlike any other cushion cover I’ve seen: it’s thick, the stitching is spot-on, and the different layers of bright fabric make it a cute, unique décor piece.

Indian Bijou Cushion Cover Review

Right now, I’m working on decorating my baby nursery. This cushion cover is the perfect addition to my nursing chair, the owl artwork stands-out perfectly.

Indian Bijou Cushion Cover Review

Indian Bijou Cushion Cover Review


Love, hard work, and a personal touch is felt when seeing and shopping on Indian Bijou. Plus, there’s no better feeling than knowing you’re helping employ a viable company, that’s actually making a difference in the world.

Orders are shipped direct from India (processing time on orders: approx. 3 days + another 7 to 15 business days to receive in mail…)

Free shipping is offered on orders over $50 too (bonus!)

For more info on Indian Bijou check out their SITE and social media swagger:

Indian Bijou Cushion Cover Review - Fairtrade, handmade, home decor - By

Indian Bijou Cushion Cover Review

Thanks for reading my Indian Bijou Cushion Cover Review – anything made by-hand, with love, I respect and feel inspired to share in my home. I hope you get the chance too!

Indian Bijou Cushion Cover Review




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  1. Mercy says:

    What a cute pillow for your nursing chair! I just popped over to their site – love their Banyan Tree tealight holder! They are bound to have so many cute creations for your nursery! 😉 Speaking of which, so glad to see your face around here again! No joke, I was thinking of you the other day and wondering how you and the little one are coming along, hope all is well! <3

    • Thanks so much for thinking of me Mercy. Let me tell ya, pregnancy is taking years off my life hahaha! I’ve been on complete bed rest, constant hospital visits, ultrasound scares… It’s been a roller-coaster. I just can’t wait to meet her. Appreciate your comment love as always, you’re a dear! 🙂 Stay awesome & looking forward to talking again soon xo

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