DIY Calendula Healing Lotion

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Great for treating problem dry skin & eczema –

DIY Calendula Healing Lotion

Enduring flaky dry skin, intense red itching, inflammed eczema is something so many of us are plagued with. We live in a toxic society where unfortunately we’re exposed to loads of junk on the daily and in turn our skin reacts and darn, it’s not always pretty…

This DIY Calendula Healing lotion will help feed your skin what it needs to survive the worst. The oils and butters in this lotion will make sure you’re maintaining healthy skin tissue, ease peeling, itching and inflammation.

No artificial ingredients, just pure butters and aromatherapy ingredients.



  • In a double-boiler, melt the beeswax
  • Add the cocoa butter & aloe butter. Make sure you completely melt these ingredients down to a clear liquid- before adding in the calendula oil and sweet almond oil next.
  • Continue heating for several more minutes
  • Remove from heat, pour hot liquid into a GLASS BOWL (never use aluminum! That’s a no, no with essential oils)
  • Add the essential oils and vitamin E oil- whisk until well blended.
  • Transfer the bowl to the fridge for no more than 5 minutes. Remove and whisk again, return the bowl to the fridge for several more minutes- the goal is to get the lotion from a liquid clear to a smooth, creamy, cream. The only way to do this, is to bring down the temperature of the liquid.
  • As the lotion gets whisked in between removing it from the fridge, it will thicken, soon reach room temperature and be complete- this is now your final product!
  • Store in glass jars (tinted if possible)

DIRECTIONS: Butter up! As much as you can, as often as you can- when your skin is feeling dry, after showering, before bed… Keep applying even after symptoms disappear because there’s no better way of keeping your skin happy after its had a reaction. Like they say the best medicine is prevention, so keep your skin lubed and smooth!

Expiry: Use product within 6months

DIY Calendula Healing Lotion by

DIY Calendula Healing Lotion by

DIY Calendula Healing Lotion by

Calendula Healing Lotion by

Calendula Healing Lotion by

Calendula Healing Lotion by


The main carrier oil in this DIY Calendula Healing Lotion is a no-brainer. I chose calendula oil because it’s a “go to” oil for contact dermatitis (basically anytime your skin is whacky and gets scratchy from some sort of reaction…)

Calendula oil is soothing, helps with scarring, and boosts collagen production (collagen is stuff we naturally produce to prevent wrinkles, but as we age collagen production slows down, hence use a good carrier oil to keep skin silky…)

Calendula oil’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a golden choice when blending lotions; great for all skin types, it’s amazing even in children’s formulas.

Adding in beeswax, aloe butter, essential oils and the other powerhouse ingredients in this DIY calendula healing lotion is a way you can, on your own, help ease your skin when it’s at its worst. What a great feeling!

(I never recommend practicing aromatherapy on children unless you have previously consulted a professional… For adults- as an aromatherapist myself, don’t mess around! Essential oils can be dangerous and should be used & applied with caution… Play safe- the rewards are endless!)
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