Blogger Tips for Pinterest

Bloggers Tricks for Pinterest

When it comes to learning How traffic to your SEO-Blog can be generated, there are many ways that you can do this. It’s not just about getting lucky anymore, you need to find the right way of marketing your blog for you and without making this effort, you’re unlikely to see your blog grow. For me, this is Pinterest (100% will always recommend this), but I do know plenty of people who are in love with using things like Instagram. I have one blogger friend who swears by Instagram. She was telling me the other day how she was testing out some new things to help her gain traffic, she was looking at an alternative to ingramer to help her grow. I can’t really remember what she was saying, but I do know that she said it was working well for her, so I’m pleased about that. I did try Instagram myself once, but then I decided that Pinterest was the way forward for me. It just made so much more sense! Starting a Pinterest board when I started my blog was pretty instinctive. I knew I could find loyal blog readers if I posted quality pins regularly- but seriously how does a blogger get Pinterest followers fast? These are my tried, tested and true blogger tips for Pinterest!

Pinterest Blogger Profile Page


Be prepared for a rough start, I’m not going to lie.

Videos were a great start but realistically didn’t offer any quick fix followers for a blogger…

Even after I did the rounds everyone tells you to do- follow, follow- and follow-back your followers y’all- I wasn’t getting very far… I was following people left, right and center-1500 people for crapsakes but I just couldn’t get follow backs (only 89 actually followed-me out of those 1500)

So frustrating but be patient, all you need is a few good blogger tips for Pinterest and you’ll quickly find your niche and get loads of blog traffic in the process!


For a blogger, trying to find other people who like blogs, I started by typing “BLOGGER” or “BLOG” in the Pinterest “search bar”.

Search Bloggers In Pinterest

This generated like-minded blog boards easily. I went after the ones that shared my interests (i.e.: aromatherapy, makeup, DIY…) Next, it was as easy as following their followers. This way, I was only following peeps who were already interested in blogs and they “followed back” much more frequently.


Next, I changed my board “covers” to bright pinks and vivid colors- supposedly red pins get re-pinned the most. It might sound like tom-fooleries but I tried it. I changed my covers to super bright pinks, vivid flowers, blues…

Liven up Pinterest Boards

I can honestly say it made a difference; the days after I livened-up my Pinterest covers, I was definitely getting more followers and views.


Since I was following all these people & boards by the hundreds, I noticed out-of-nowhere I started to get “GROUP BOARD INVITATIONS” I had no idea what this was? but cue the drum-roll… it’s magic!

Essentially, someone else is asking you to pin on their board. Meaning when you pin on that specific board you’re not only pinning to your pinners, you’re pinning to this boards followers too! Most of the time these boards are way bigger and have established followers that you can take advantage of.

GROUP BOARD on Pinterest (edited)

Example of a Group Board on Pinterest

How it works: you’ll get a Pinterest generated message that’ll ask you to “accept” or “decline”becoming a pinner on someone else’s Pinterest board… ACCEPT IT!

Pinterest Group Invite Example

I got invites to big boards out of the blue, boards with 30thousand+ followers we’re talking! Before you start pinning though make sure to read the board rules! For example: 5 pins per day max, or only related pins allowed, etc…

I took on the strategy of pining the max amount of daily pins on the biggest boards I was invited to on a daily basis- AND BAM! my pins, my boards, and my followers took-off! We’re talking going from a few re-pins per month, to now thousands of re-pins per week! Insanity… Most of my blog traffic is now geneated by Pinterest! It’s such a great tool once you’re on board.


I also found this site that gives you links to boards that are accepting pinners! CLICK ON THIS LINK It was really helpful. You’ll have to sign-up to gain access, but I can say they didn’t spam me, and it was a worthy resource. You can target accepting boards that share your interests. Click on the link and read the heading of the board. It’s here the board owner will lay-out the specifics and rules on what to do to be accepted as a pinner with them.

Most of the time it’ll be something like “leave a board comment” or “email me at…” – next, sit back and relax until the invites roll-in…

After accepting invites, my Pinterest traffic went up in some areas by 1000%- it was insanity! I went from 400 to 12000 page views per day in the period of one week! I almost fell off my chair when I saw the damage I’d managed to accomplish.


My next strategy was how the heck do I take advantage of all these people re-pinning my stuff on other peoples boards?! How do I get them to follow-me?

My trick was to click on my own biggest repins on these community boards (I have some pins that in a few days would easily get 30 repins.) Click-on your most popular re-pinned pins to open it up. Click-on the top left corner “number” area of that pin to bring up all the people who re-pinned it.

Number to Click on in Pinterest

Then follow these people! This was seriously a very effective strategy. By following the people who are actually pinning my stuff, they quickly followed-me back when I followed them and didn’t drop me after a week.

Follow back on Pinterest

I literally went from 160 Pinterest followers to over 650 in 2 weeks! I tripled my followers! Yea sure, maybe its not dramatic but it’s made a huge difference to my blog. I’m a part of only 5 community boards- but I am vigilant and I pin at 9am and 4pm everyday (supposedly some of the best times to pins) I pin every weekend, and I comment on pins- always leaving my name & blog link.

I made sure my blog was properly linked in my Pinterest account settings and set-up the Pinterest Analytics too!!! To locate your Pinterest Analytics information GO HERE:

Locate Analytics on Pinterest

(I have a WordPress based site- I watched a Youtube video HERE – installed the plug-in, followed the instructions- and in five minutes I had my Pinterest Analytics set-up, it’s a must have! You really need this!)

I took a screen shot to show the dramatic numbers and jumps in my account since I followed my own tips for blogger on Pinterest! Check this:

My Analytics on Pinterest


Next thing to tackle is taking advantage of the pin comment section.

Comments on Pinterest

For now, I’ve just been re-pinning since this is pretty time consuming already. But by writing in my own pin descriptions and linking my name, site, and a personal touch, I’m sure it’ll pay-off and generate even more traffic to my blog. It’s more time consuming yes, but worth it.

If you’re a blogger who does all of the above- I guarantee you’ll get more followers- please give it a try, I sincerely hope my blogger tips for Pinterest serve you well! Angie xo

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12 Responses

  1. Terri says:

    You’ll be happy to know I found this post from a pin on a group board I follow. That link about finding a group boards accepting pincers is gold! Thanks so much for the tips. I’m off to work on my Pinterest traffic thanks to you!

    • Amazing! Thanks for much for telling me & checking out my article- yea for real that site made the world of difference trying to find accepting boards! I appreciate your comments!!! Angie

  2. These are really great tips! Thanks for sharing. And by the way – I am pinning this post 😉

    • Amazing! Thanks for taking the time to comment, I definitely appreciate some Pinterest love lol- that site is definitely there to serve bloggers well! Looking forward to seeing your tweets and pins 🙂 Angie

  3. Wendy says:

    Thank you for this! These tips are actually different from a lot I have read and I never even thought to do a search on bloggers. I go through Pinterest phases where I go crazy with it or it takes the backseat to other social media. Still love it, though! 🙂

    • I’m so happy you’re taking advantage of the tips! I watched so many useless videos and stuff I felt the need to share what I found on my own- hoping I could help a few other bloggers. I’m Pinterest obsessed now & most of my blog traffic comes from there! I would’ve never thought! Thanks again, I beyond appreciate your feedback! Stay awesome, Angie xo

  4. Jilly says:

    amazing tips! I’ve been a bit of a Pinterest addict for years but never til now wanted to use it to drive blog traffic, so i’ll definitely take some of the strategies on board!
    Jilly 🙂

  5. Patranila says:

    Great strategies! I’m so serious about pinning right now. Well, maybe in a couple of weeks. Ha!

  6. SourgirlOhio says:

    Thank you, this is lots of information! I will be bookmarking this post! I started a Pinterest page last week. I haven’t looked at it since setting it up because I was completely LOST. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned, very helpful.

  7. This is great thank you I am struggling to get my pinterest off the ground, its pretty static and would love to do ore with it this year. Have pinned for future reference 🙂 #AnythingGoes