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Bathroom to the Left

Thank you, I have a freakin fan- love this bad date story. Hope you have a steady stomach like this trooper did during her less than desirable date…


I met this guy on Plenty of Fish. He’s actually still a really good friend of mine but our first date needless to say led more to a friendship than a romance.

He’d just moved to my city and knew no one. We went out on a few dates and things were good but he was really weird about the thought of us going to hang-out at his place. He’d kind of mention it here and there. It sucked though cause at the time I was in-between places and living with my sister so hanging-out at my place was out of the question too.

We went out one night and out of nowhere he mentions his roommate is out and we can chill at his place for a bit. I was honestly kind of stoked at the thought of it.

The night was good, date was good- then his roommate came in. Oh for the grace of goodness was I not ready for this maniac. Like wow- OK I got it immediately. The guy is drunk as a skunk. Falling all over the place screaming instead of speaking asking us a million question.

He hovers over the kitchen island which by miracle was right where the sink was. I’m not sure this was all part of his master plan but the guy just starts blowing major chunks mercilessly. He keeps talking/screaming asking me questions though out all of this- puke spraying, his face all crooked. I couldn’t believe someone could physically carry-on a full conversation in full puke mode. In between spewing he keeps telling me I’m so pretty and what am I doing there. This went on for no joke a solid fifteen-minutes until he finally fell into the bathroom.

Needless to say my date really didn’t fall in love with the city or his lavish shared-living circumstances so he ended-up moving back home pretty quickly after that.

It wasn’t romance but it makes me laugh every time I think about it.

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  1. Roxy says:

    I like to think that even if something doesn’t go quite as planned, at least you got a story out of it 😉