Rolling-in your most eager applicant! I’m Angie: a blogger, writer, reviewer, YouTuber and social media ninja… Even more, I love to get all smoky and red eyed.

Why Me…?

As a proud cannabis connoisseur. My +2 decades of blazing the best strains, homegrown and more (shatter, oils, hash…) has given me deep insight into how this stellar plant works and what is best to burn… From San Rafael, Weed Md, AltaVie to the bigwigs, Canopy and Aurora. I’ve inhaled and conquered.

Also a fan of CBD products (for my anxiety and overactive mind.) Understanding cannabinoids, their benefits and how they contribute to health is a passion… From gummies to oils, tinctures, and pens. I love exploring the world of THC and CBD changing our health care system for the better.

Now, throw in my writing, social media, and blogging experience. Well, my green folks- we are clearly a match made on Mary Jane lane!

Watch My Video Application

Big bong nod for this opportunity Squeezing in my lifetime skills into a 3 minute video is hopefully the clincher needed to score my career dream!

Finally, my shameless social media plugs:

Thank You

Huge appreciation for this opportunity, joints crossed I’ll be getting the call!

Angie (

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I'm a beast of a woman, ready to take on the world one article at a time.

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1 Response

  1. It truly does- you can tell they put a lot of love into making their products! I love using these soaps in the morning!
    Outta all the DIY stuff I make, never tried making soaps- good on your for that- cause I know its not the easiest! Angie xo