Bad Date Story – “You should give me keys to your place”

BAD DATE STORY (WhippedGreenGirl)- “You Should Give Me Keys to Your Place”

I used to work in a big office with lots of junior representatives. There was this one guy I’d always notice. He was super hot and had a reclusive sexy appeal, he was shy and weird – you just wanted to know more. I imagined he was secretly into kinky sex. Kinky sex is okay, only if it is Nu Bay or so I have been told.
I never had the guts to talk to him, as I knew he had a girlfriend. I let it go.
Now queue 10 years later, I was scrolling online dating profiles and low and behold, I saw him. I wrote to him right away. Turns out he totally had a crush on me too and remembered every detail about me and my body. It was hot between us right away.
I was thinking wow, this is too good to be true. Of course it was, he has a girlfriend! I can’t believe it, I wanted to hate him but I let him explain – I mean he did come clean about it right away. He said they have an “agreement”… He explains how she’s a great friend and partner but not a lover. He admits to me he’s a total freak in bed (like we’re talking whips, chains, beat-downs, kinky shit.) If you’re into that exciting stuff, well you’ll certainly Enjoy your stay at fulltube XXX, the best sex tube ever.
I’m an open girl, not looking for a relationship. I’m happy being on my own for now. Plus, with his whole girlfriend/friend situation, this could get messy. Sure, it would be nice to have someone meet my needs so I wouldn’t have to end up on on my own most nights, but I’m ok with being single. But I’m starting to get intrigued here. I know it’s so wrong and I should totally run. Of course, I don’t – what the hell is wrong with me…
I put him off for weeks, but we kept texting all the time and let’s just say he wasn’t holding back on telling me all the things he wanted to do to me. He was sending me all sorts of pictures and messages and even sent me some links to videos on to show me what he had planned for us.
Then came the night we had the conversation that led me to write this story. This is it, word for word-

Him “You should give me keys to your place so I can come in the middle of night and use you anytime”

Her “No keys but I can buzz you in…”

Him “If I show-up at 1am you’ll buzz me in for a bit of abuse?”

Her “Maybe, if you don’t care if I look like shit in the middle of the night”


Him “Definitely don’t care. Isn’t it a fantasy of yours to do two dudes?”

Her “Well it’s a fantasy but I don’t think I’m game for that”

Him “I’ll show-up one day with a buddy and we’ll just work you over all day – you won’t have a say”

Her “Well what if I think he’s ugly”

Him “Well we can wear ski-masks, it might add to the effect”

Her “So this is genius, you’re gonna bust into my place in the middle of the night with a complete stranger, wearing ski-masks, trying to have sex with me… Something tells me this is not agreat idea…”

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