Westing Wellness Review

Westingwellness product review

Westing Wellness REVIEW

The fact I make most of my own lotions and skincare products sometimes makes it difficult to impress me. Westing Wellness are one few companies I experienced making “all-natural” skincare with the same ingredients and standards I impose.

Westing Wellness is all handmade; the ingredients and the consistency of their products is a craft that takes years to develop. Their scents and blends are pure, clean and innovative. The line of different items they offer is clever as well- from face masks to candles. This makes for a true, organic spa experience at home.

For this Westing Wellness review, I was graced with 3 different products:

Westing Wellness Review



COST: $13.02USD

Made only with 100% beeswax and organic coconut oil, natural scents and lead-free wick

Westing Wellness candles are beeswax based. There is significant health reasons why they chose to go the natural route. Beeswax candles are void of (unlike most “big name” toxic store bought candles):

  • Paraffins
  • Stearic acid
  • Lead

(all of which I choose to avoid…)

Their candles are scented using only natural ingredients you can trust in your home. My “Pineapple Coconut Beeswax Candle” smelt like a pina coloda! I wanted to eat it. Westing Wellness candles come in glass, frosted mason jars (very cute) and burn for several hours. I still have more than half left and I’ve used it for a few hours already. If you’re a candle addict like myself, you will love these.

Westing Wellness Review Bath Bombs EDITED


COST: $4.59USD

INGREDIENTS: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cornstarch, honey powder, rose petals, spearmint, hibiscus, lavender, calendula, cornflowers, lavender essential oil, chamomile

Bath bombs are just fun- they fizz in water and make the whole bathing experience more pleasant, scented and relaxing.

I was happy this bath bomb contains honey powder. I love this ingredient since it’s so soothing on skin. The lavender smell is relaxing and the baking soda is detoxifying.

Baths can be really drying on my skin but the beautiful blend contained in this bomb seals in moisture and hydrated my skin. This bath bomb was enough for one bath- I probably could have broke it in-two and used it twice. I wish I had…



COST: $13.34USD

INGREDIENTS: hibiscus flower powder, coconut milk powder, kaolin clay

This fine, deep pink, powdered face mask doesn’t carry a scent but it packs a punch. It’s velvety when blended with a liquid and can be applied on skin easily. I like how it stuck well and created a perfect smooth paste- no chunks, no lumps… I left it on my skin until it completely dried (approx. 15min) and rinsed it off by jumping in the shower.

Hibiscus Face Mask Blended

I’ve always wanted to add hibiscus to my beauty regime, this stuff is claimed to be the “botox plant” so I’m all about it. Other benefits of hibiscus on skin include:

  • known to even-out skin tones
  • helps purify (detox) your complexion
  • soothes damaged skin (packed with antioxidants)
  • exfoliates naturally
  • has ability to keep your skin hydrated

I have very sensitive skin, this mask didn’t burn, tingle, or sting. It was cooling and soft. I love exfoliating my skin naturally minus scratching off my face. Beaded exfoliates have never done my skin justice, instead I stick to powder, natural exfoliate forms just like hibiscus. I loved this mask and I recommend it to all.




Westing Wellness is a company that goes along with a lifestyle. The creator doesn’t stop short of creating a product line of candles, lotions, body scrubs, soaps and more (currently 31 items for sale in her Etsy store…) she also runs a successful- healthy/lifestyle blog (WWW.WESTINGWELLNESS.COM).

Before I was even contacted to conduct this review, I was already a fan of her writings! Small world… Westing Wellness are products that once you try, your skin wants more because each ingredient was specifically chosen to benefit you. No cheap, synthetic fillers, just ingredients mother-earth has gifted us.

I can’t think of a lovelier combination: candles + skincare = genius. Close your eyes and just see it, bathbomb bath, burning candle and a face mask detoxing your skin… To say I felt spoiled is quite the understatement, thank you Westing Wellness! Your products have found a happy new place in my home.



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