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Veeda Review - Natural Cotton Pads (by #review #chemicalfree #organic #natural

With so many of us on a mission to be more green – it’s no wonder common things slip through the cracks… Like a woman’s monthly usage of pads and tampons – for real!

Who knew there’s hundreds of toxic, nasty chemicals packed into that cotton. I was recently contacted by Veeda (a leader in organic feminine products) to do a Veeda Review, I was elated. It’s a route I wanted to explore and their products didn’t fail me.

Veeda sent me the following:

Veeda Review - Natural Cotton Pads (by #review #chemicalfree #organic #natural

The Dirty Behind Feminine Products

Don’t think the government cares or regulates what big brands put in their feminine products (i.e: Tampax, Kotex…) It’s pretty much the wild, wild west for companies; with very few, to little regulations. Another problem is the fact feminine products aren’t labelled “medical devices”… Meaning big companies can hide a bunch of toxic crap in their cotton (and they do, including: pesticides, dyes, phthalates, carcinogen disruptors and more…)

Veeda on the other hand – DOES NOT! You can expect a clean, healthy product. Here’s their list of awesome benefits:

Veeda Review - Natural Cotton Pads (by #review #chemicalfree #organic #natural

Veeda Prices & Products

Often I’ll see a weenie box of organic tampons selling for well over $10, I just can’t afford it. Veeda is very reasonable! Under $5 to $6 for a full box (same for their pads.)

Veeda Review - Natural Cotton Pads (by #review #chemicalfree #organic

Veeda Review - Natural Cotton Pads (by #review #chemicalfree #organic

Veeda Review - Natural Cotton Pads (by #review #chemicalfree #organic

Veeda Review - Natural Cotton Pads (by #review #chemicalfree #organic

Veeda also makes every type of hygiene product you’d normally expect at your regular store, including:

Veeda Review - Natural Cotton Pads (by #review #chemicalfree #organic #natural

Another score I discovered when writing this Veeda Review is they offer promo kits at bargain rates. LOAD-UP & SAVE! Love it- thanks Veeda, I’m sold. Major points on marketing for offering awesome product combos and a points program. See their store & all collections HERE

Veeda Review - Natural Cotton Pads (by #review #chemicalfree #organic

Veeda – Not only Healthy, It Works!

Just visit Veeda’s website and read the reviews/feedback to get better insight. People who try it, love it, and buy again.

After testing out both their pads and tampons for this Veeda Review, I’m sold. I’ll be ordering again (plus sign-up to their newsletter and get 10% off your first order!)

Sanitary products couldn’t be more personal, literally! The whole concept of knowing that I’m allowing a toxic product (that can even lead to toxic-shock) to soak into my skin all day, is a chance I don’t want to take anymore.


Only downside is the size of the pads (I tested out their regular day pads…), they were way too big for my bottom (but I’m abnormally tiny- like 100lbs of steel soaking wet small). So the size may work for you. But I did feel they were bigger in size than your average pad. Next order, I’m going for their panty-liners instead. The feeling of a bulky pad is no worse than walking around in a diaper lol.

Veeda Review - Natural Cotton Pads (by #review #chemicalfree #organic #natural

Veeda Review Conclusion

Stats say the average woman uses approx. 17 thousand tampons in her lifetime- that’s insane. Now that we finally have more information and realize companies are hidding nasty ingredients – we can make the concious choice to choose what is right for us.

There’s a bunch of green alternatives now from “Diva Cups”, “Soft Cups”, to sponges – but clearly for me, Veeda is my personal fav choice for my monthly crampy visitor.

Thanks for reading my Veeda Review. It’s one of those write-up’s I was looking forward to sharing!

Veeda Review - Natural Cotton Pads (by #review #chemicalfree #organic #natural

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5 Responses

  1. Great review! The cost of pads and tampons are seriously way too high and I just don’t feel safe using the ones they sell in stores knowing all the crap they put in them. I don’t understand the point in putting all that nasty stuff in them anyways! I’m definitely sold on Veeda and will be trying out their products for sure 🙂


    • Veeda says:

      Hi Marie,
      We hope natural and safe feminine hygiene products become the norm for all women and we hope to educate them, one period at a time.
      Thanks Angie for the review

    • Thanks Marie! I just can’t bring myself to do the whole diva cup thing- so Veeda is really the best option I’ve found that I can actually afford, their kits are definitely the way to go. Appreciate your comment!!! 🙂

  2. Heidi B says:

    Great products from Veeda, I actually have some towels to review. Although..just I was sent them, my periods have stopped and for 2 months hot flushes, nightmare! Really good that these are so natural for such a personal female need.
    Heidi x

  3. Wendy R. says:

    Veeda can claim their products as (mostly) “Natural” / no chemicals, bleach, etc. but the wrappers of their products are not recyclable. So there is a tremendous amount of unnecessary garbage going into landfills. Why not take a cue from Natracare fem-hygiene products? They understand that their liners do not need to be individually wrapped in plastic. I decided to give Veeda a try but was horrified when the box arrived (from and was met with a sea of pink plastic wrappers!