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Urthbox monthly box review

Quoted from UrthBox.com

UrthBox is the best way to discover healthy new foods, beverages, snacks and more delivered to your door every month.”

Urthbox contents


You guys know how much I love snacks. Each month I go to my local asian grocery store and raid them of their Pocky sticks, I could easily eat 10 packets of potato chips if given the chance, and I’m always looking for new healthy snacks that can fill me up while also being good for me. This is why I love finding new substription services that can help me discover new snacks and alternatives. This Urthbox review comes as a surprise, I hadn’t heard of this company until I was given a coupon on Twitter.

UrthBox are part of the stellar fad of mailing-out a “monthly” box. This subscription specializes in classic, healthy snacks that are 100% GMO-free. Urthbox offers different types of snack, created diet specific, including: “Classic”, “Gluten-Free”, “Diet: Calorie/Fat/Carb Conscious & “Vegan” versions.

Always one to want to try new organic foods, it’s usually a crap-shoot… I often end-up with a full box of an expensive item, I don’t necessarily like. UrthBox is a perfect way to try new snacks at sample sizes with no waste. It also gives organic food companies, fighting for shelf space, an opportunity to get hands-on exposure. Everyone is winning!


For my UrthBox review, I purchased the “Classic: SMALL SIZE (12+ Products) Part-Time Snacker” at a cost of $16.99 (+$6 for International Shipping to Canada – if you’re from the U.S shipping is FREE!).

How it works: you pick the “type” of box you want first:

  • Classic
  • Diet
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free

Next, you chose what size of box you want- the bigger the box, the higher the cost…

(Prices below: but this doesn’t include $6 for international shipping):

  • MINI (6+ products) Discovery Box $8.99USD
  • SMALL (12+ products) Part-Time Snacker $16.99USD
  • MEDIUM (17+ products) Happy Snacker $26.99USD
  • LARGE (24+ products) Group Snack $36.99USD

They also offer “monthly” re-occurring subscriptions:

  • SMALL BOX ($101.94USD) = 6 months
  • MEDIUM BOX ($161.94USD) = 6 months
  • LARGE BOX ($221.94USD) = 6 months

UrthBox’s latest offering is an “OFFICE BOX” that includes 100+ full size products that can serve up to 5 to 10 employees for $199USD (+$25USD for international shipping) per month. The Office Box also includes gluten-free and vegan options too. Whatever amazing boss out there buying this for their team, please give me a call.


The small/classic version promises 12+ products, well slap me sally! It was my lucky day, I got 14 products! That’s a pleasant surprise.

The range of snack items were really different, from superfood snacks, to drinks, to gummies, to chips- I was giddy realizing how much bang you get for your buck here!

I researched the cost of each item and included that detail in the descriptions below to give an idea of what you’re getting versus what you’d be paying had you bought each item individually at a much higher cost… It’s an approximate$$$ but it gives you an idea and proof that Urthbox is definitely a good deal.

My box included the following:

Qancha – 1oz. (Air-Toasted Heirloom Corn Snack) Original – Lightly Salted flavor (Approx. $3)

Qancha urthbox.com review

PopCorners – 1oz. (Popped Whole Grain Chips) Sweet Cinnamon flavor (Approx. $2)

Pop Corners UrthBox.com Review

Pretzel Perfection – 3oz. (Gourmet Pretzel Treats) Salted Caramel Clusters flavor (Approx. $12)

Pretzel Perfect Salted Caramel Clusters urthbox

Pretzel Perfection – 1oz. (Twice-Baked Pretzel Sticks) Lemon Toffee flavor (Approx. $2)

Pretzel Perfection Lemon Toffee review urthbox

Fuel for Fire – 4.5oz. (Fruit + Protein Fuel Pack) Triple Berry flavor (Approx. $3)

Fuel for Fire urthbox

CoCo Libre – 330ml. (Organic Coconut Water) Pineapple flavor (Approx.$2)

CoCo Libre UrthBox.com

Think Fruit – 1.5oz. (Dried Fruit Snacks) Pineapple Tidbits (Approx. $3)

Pineapple Tidbits Urthbox

Energy Gummi Bears – 1oz. Citrus flavor (Approx. $1.50)

energy gummi bears review

Deep River – 2oz. (Kettle Cooked Potato Chips) Aged Cheddar Horseradish (Approx. $2)

deep river chips urthbox

Angell Candy Bar – 1.25oz. (Organic Chocolate Bar) Dark Chocolate flavor (Approx. $2)

Angell candy bar urthbox Angell candy bar urthbox review

Hemp Hearts (X2 packets) – 15g. (Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds) – SAMPLE PACKS (Approx. $2)

Hemp Hearts Urthbox

Go Healthy – 1.6oz. (New York Date Bar) Apple Date flavor (Approx. $2)

Date Bar urthbox

Got Milk Cookies and Cream – 6 straws (Magic Milk Flavoring Straws) Cookies & Cream flavor (Approx. $2)

Milk straws in urthbox

Jean-Pierre Cosmetics (Oil-Absorbing Facial Tissues) 50 sheets (Approx. $2)

Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues Urthbox


Not only did Urthbox lure me in via social-media, they also have a knack for offering sweet promotions/coupons. In my UrthBox I received 2 leaflets that guarantee me, as a return customer:

$10 Gift Card (towards my next purchase)

Urthbox giftcard image

UrthBox created a genius “loyalty points” program – this pamphlet explains how it works:

UrthBox Loyalty Program review

You can also follow Urthbox making waves all over the web via: TWITTER, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM


Urthbox review

I’m pretty darn sold on the direction of these boxes and their contents. They made my lunches fun again, I had new things to try for weeks to come.

Out of the 14 items in my UrthBox review, I can honestly say I liked them all, which even surprised me. Usually, you get a few filler items but I wasn’t disappointed. Each snack was unique and 7 of the brands I’d never even heard of. I like how they also snuck-in an off-the-menu item: oil-absorbing facial tissues.

Highlights buyers can be sure of:

  • items ship well (no melting expect the chocolate bar did a little..)
  • items not near expiration
  • good variety salty/sweet/snacky (options for the whole family…)
  • cost-effective (value of contents exceeds what you pay…)

Will I order again- YES! For the convenience factor alone of just being able to reach into a box for my healthiest lunch items is a concept sold on me. I get good value, I’m stocking my household with healthier food options, and I love the “surprise” factor of getting a new box every month at a bargain price.

That’s a wrap on my UrthBox review, hope I haven’t made you too hungry! For all the lowdown on this tasty company visit & order from UrthBox.com HERE!




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8 Responses

  1. Urthbox lied to consumers and said they were going to no longer distribute products with palm oil going into effect January 2017. I received not one but two of the identical products with palm oil in my Vegan box and also received a product that was not vegan and clearly stated *May contain milk.

    This company has numerous bad reviews for a reason and I found out the hard way. I even stuck up for them at first and still have the letter from them about the palm oil. You can see more info and the pictures here https://www.facebook.com/JenYoung1973

    Please feel free to contact me for any proof or other information.
    I’m not angry but very disappointed and now I have to take the time to expose the truth which is also very frustrating as I have many other things to do. I hope you will make a decision to no longer support this company. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • Thanks for much for this comment Jennifer! I missed it! I sincerely created this blog for this reason – I LOVE YOUR HONEST opinion and experience on this company. I have recently been hearing some grumblings about them too… This definitely hit a note with me, I think Urthbox is starting to sway from their core values and are just turning into every other company trying to cash in on the “healthy” living bandwagon. Thanks again!

  2. Dorothy Farrell says:

    DO NOT USE!!! Very hard to get out of the subscription. Customer service department is terrible.

    • Thanks for this note Dorothy, to see 2 bad comments referencing Urthbox is definitely alarming. I am starting to hear others with the same complaint. WARNING – heard 🙂 & appreciated!!!

  3. Moira says:

    I love your review and I also love how you read all your comments! I would like to reiterate that I have also had problems with canceling and the auto renewal process. I think this is a poor way of making money and they need to change this process.

    • Hey Moira! Thanks for the nice comment 🙂 I was just catching up on comments after having a baby lol – WOW! This company just doesn’t seem to be getting it right or correcting complaints. Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope this helps others decide before enrolling

  4. UnhappywithUrthbox says:

    Urthbox has a strict policy that you must cancel before they bill you for the next cycle. If you miss this date, they won’t even prorate, so you’re stuck paying a fortune for another 6 months. Also, I had a box arrive with something open in it and they would only accept my word if I sent a photo which I did. Then they said they were going to include something extra in the next box. I have no idea whether they actually did it or not because I have no idea what was supposed to be in that box. They sometimes included things like vitamins and vitamin drinks in the box…not what I’d call a snack! Urthbox is not customer friendly. I do not recommend their product. Their policies certainly won’t make me a repeat customer.

  1. December 11, 2017

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