Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil

Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil (By #organic #superfood for your #skin and #hair #babassu


Finding clean ways to naturally blast-off wrinkles has always been a mantra in my life. Babassu Oil is my latest score! After putting this stuff to the test. I fell in love. Seems right to share why, via my list of: “Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil”.



Taken from the babassu palm seeds that grow in the Amazon Rainforest. Babassu oil is unscented + looks and feels like coconut oil. Close to the same consistency/color too. But, for other reasons, is claimed to be better than coconut oil!

Babassu has so many uses, including: cooking, skincare, nail repair. But to really understand, here’s a quick breakdown on the “Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil” I think deserve a shout-out:

Organic, 100% pure, and easy to apply- I love everything about this hair + skin oil!


Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil (By #organic #superfood for your #skin and #hair #babassu



Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil (By #organic #superfood for your #skin and #hair #babassu


Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil (By #organic #superfood for your #skin and #hair #babassu


Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil (By #organic #superfood for your #skin and #hair #babassu


Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil (By #organic #superfood for your #skin and #hair #babassu


Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil (By #organic #superfood for your #skin and #hair #babassu


Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil (By #organic #superfood for your #skin and #hair #babassuTop 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil (By #organic #superfood for your #skin and #hair #babassu


  • After excessive use, some have reported negative effects on their thyroid gland. Take note, this could affect you… Please use moderately.
  • AVOID USE DURING PREGNANCY. There’s a possibility it could affect hormone levels in your body. Don’t roll the dice!
  • If you chose to cook with babassu oil be warned. It’s basically 70% fat. Use in moderation or you may notice some weight gain!
  • Finally, of course some may be allergic. This is a natural oil after all and skin can be finicky… Always start using any new skin product via a small “patch test”!

WHERE TO BUY BABASSU? is where I snagged my jar of babassu. Prices range on since they constantly have awesome sales… I paid $12 for a 7oz. organic jar. It’s a little more expensive than a good quality, coconut oil, but so worth it. (Cook with it like coconut oil too)

Now that babassu’s getting popular in North America. I’m seeing it pop-up for sale more and more, including on (one of my fav place to shop for high quality DIY skincare ingredients)!


Clearly, babassu should be concentrated on your face or hair. That’s where it’ll work its best magic. Filled with rich, fatty, oil – it goes deep into skin to lockdown moisture (minus a thick lasting, greasy film…)

I’m not claiming babassu is the fountain of youth. If that existed we’d all be buttering ourselves. But hey, every little bit helps- and this stuff will. Although, I will confidently say: babassu has been touted to be one of the best and most affordable skincare oils!

Thanks for strolling my “Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil”. For more on my obsession with newer super, skin foods. Check-out some of my other “TOP PICKS” skin reads on

Since writing this Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil, I’ve been whipping up quite a few skincare recipes with it. Keep an eye out, I’ll be posting my best DIY babassu skincare recipes soon!

Top 7 Benefits of Babassu Oil

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  1. Jen says:

    I have never heard of this oil before, I want to try it now! Thanks for sharing all the ins and outs 🙂 #happynlowlinkup

  2. I’ve tried many oil but not this one and it sounds like something I could really use. I love all of the info that you provide in your posts, super helpful. I guess I’ll have to try another oil with similar benefits since I am hypothyroid. 🙁 xo

  1. January 2, 2018

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