Top 3 Carrier Oils For Hair

TOP 3 Carrier Oils For Hair

Top 3 Carrier Oils For Hair (by #MoringaOil #CastorOil #PumpkinSeedOil #HairSerum #HairOils

I wish I could shower my head in oil nightly, but since I can’t- a good serum will do. But, where to  start when it comes to all the oil choices? 

After 10+ years of trial and error with hair oils… My list could be huge, but these are my 3 tried, tested and true. I always go back to!


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Non-video fans, fret now. Read-on to get all the details on my “Top 3 Carrier Oils For Hair”


A big trend + study right now is men taking pumpkin seed oil capsules for hair growth- so I’m not alone on preaching this oil for hair! Why?…

  • Full of ZINC, helps speed-up hair growth
  • Improves overall hair strength, per loaded w/Vitamin-A
  • Contains Vitamin-B! For stronger hair growth + restoring hair shine
  • Fatty acids + omega’s, promote new hair growth
  • Naturally occurring SULFUR – helps keep your scalp moisturized & healthy!


Sure, it’s a thick, sticky, goopy oil! If you can get past that, on hair + scalp. Castor oil is a beautiful thing, here’s why:

  • Contains RICIN (Ricinoleic Acid)= fungicidal & germicidal. Meaning, protects your scalp, from infections, dandruff and dermatitis.
  • Also, RICIN nourishes HAIR FOLLICLES (helping hair grow in stronger and healthier)
  • Rich in protein + minerals. Serve to protect existing hair follicles and stops hair from shedding too quick!
  • Protects hair from sun damage and pollution
  • Vitamin-loaded oil! Helps restore dry, brittle, frizzy hair


Finally, number is Moringa Oil! One of my favorite oils ever for hair/scalp treatments. Since, it really does it all! It can do everything the oils listed above can do and some…

How? Moringa Oil has +90 vital nutrients! This mega combination will naturally boost & improve hair & new growth!

Regular use of course, there’s no “one trick pony” miracle in the world for hair growth. If they invented that, we’d all be taking it! The closest thing I have found is Moringa Oil – here’s why:

  • Helps restore healthier, happier hair (since it too is vitamin & nutrient rich!)
  • Protectively coats hair from damage
  • Treats split-ends & dry, sad hair
  • Moisturizes scalp, able to penetrate deep within
  • Fights dandruff, itching, dermatitis, infection, dry skin


Sincerely, it’s all about regular use! After a few weeks applying these oils to hair. A positive difference will be seen. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to oils, so try them all. See what you like best!


(Blend all together in a glass or ceramic bowl. Apply to hair and scalp. Wash out.) Personally, I sleep with it in my hair overnight. Next morning, I wash it out in the shower…

Top 3 Carrier Oils For Hair (by #MoringaOil #CastorOil #PumpkinSeedOil #HairSerum #HairOils

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Thanks for watching or reading my “Top 3 Carrier Oils for Hair”! New videos coming next week as usual. I’m brewing up something big too, I hope to announce it all via in the coming days.

Until next time, I’m out!

Top 3 Carrier Oils For Hair (by #MoringaOil #CastorOil #PumpkinSeedOil #HairSerum #HairOils

Top 3 Carrier Oils For Hair (by #MoringaOil #CastorOil #PumpkinSeedOil #HairSerum #HairOils

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Angie! Absolutely loved your blog & Video! My favorite is Castor oil. I have seen the incredible benefits in my hair growth! I will most definitely try pumpkin seed oil as I know how much you love & recommend it! Thank you for all you do! Your content is presented in a professional, fun and most inspiring way! Love your Holistic skincare messages! Thank you! Cieloscent/Host of Skincare Talk Radio

  2. Great video very interesting !

  3. Lucidity says:

    What would your day the consistency of the oil is like? Does it flow easily into the scalp through the hair?

    Great find, enjoying reading your blog!

    • My mix is usually pure liquid (unless my coconut oil is a little more dense) To apply I stick the tips of my hair in the oil and spread it across the top of my head and scalp to really get it everywhere. Hope this helps 🙂 Thanks for checking out my shares!