The 7 Virtues Blend Box Review

The 7 Virtues Blend Box Review (By #perfume #organic #essentialoils


The 7 Virtues Blend Box Review (By #perfume #organic #essentialoils

Before I review the blend box, this company’s amazing mission statement is worth the mention.

The 7 Virtues” first flooded my heart when I saw them on Dragon’s Den (Canada)- see the clip below:

This company manufactures high-end perfumes- while rebuilding nations by advocating, using and only paying for fair-trade oils. They make magical, unique scents using essential oils supplied by regional tribes and communities from Afghanistan to Haiti.

All of their scents are natural (rose, orange, patchouli, vetiver…), paraben-free, and vegan. Each note is uplifting, made with love- some even by hand. The 7 Virtues is modernly sourced perfume.

When you buy “The 7 Virtues” products- you’re playing a direct role in improving individual lives. Not only are you winning by getting some of the best perfumes on the market- you are playing a personal part in enriching communities in some of the most impoverished, war torn countries.

The 7 Virtues Blend Box Review (By #perfume #organic #essentialoils


Cost: $110 Canadian (Order info HERE)

The 7 Virtues Blend Box Review (By #ORGANIC #PERFUME#REVIEWThe 7 Virtues Blend Box is a perfume maverick’s dream come true. Instead of buying one lonely bottle of perfume, this kit includes four award winning fragrances- all of which you can mix, match, & spray together or alone!


The 7 Virtues Blend Box Review (By #ORGANIC #PERFUME#REVIEW

Truly a “more is better” moment in life- this blend box includes 1 larger perfume (your top note) and three smaller bottles (your base/blending notes).

You typically want to start with the “top note” Middle East Peace – and mix and match your 3 “base notes”… but you can try whatever you like- hence “the blend box”!

You can get frisky and spray them all together, use them separately, or alone. It’s honestly so much fun! You get to create your own signature scent or constantly try new combinations.

Some of my favorite blends so far include:

  • Romantic scent: 2 sprays of Middle East Peace & 1 spray of Noble Rose

  • Sweet scent: 2 sprays of Middle East Peace & 2 sprays of Orange Blossom

  • Work day scent: 2 sprays of Middle East Peace & 1 spray of Vetiver of Haiti

  • Favorite personal blend: 2 sprays of Middle East Peace, 1 spray of Noble Rose & 1 spray of Orange Blossom

The 7 Virtues Blend Box Review (By #ORGANIC #PERFUME#REVIEW


This company is truly inspirational. Created by a woman from Halifax, Nova Scotia- Barb had a dream and a mission to help others. She has rebuilt lives, made dreams come true and made women feel special respectively.

The 7 Virtues Custom Blend Box Review (By #REVIEW #ORGANIC I’m proud to advocate and buy from The 7 Virtues.

I’m used to paying up to $110 for one bottle of perfume- so I really I don’t mind paying $110CND for a whole box (considering I get 4 different bottles in one.)

The 7 Virtues Blend Box is sensual, rich, natural; each scent can stand alone or be blended. Award winning and liberating- I will be replacing all my toxic perfumes for this line.

Perfume is a right to womanhood, but knowing what you’re spraying on your body is clean, and cultivated fairly with love, creates a whole new high-end, unforgettable experience.

Please read the compelling story that is “The 7 Virtues” HERE – to order, directly from the company GO HERE.

The 7 Virtues Blend Box Review (By #ORGANIC #PERFUME#REVIEW



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  1. Charlotte says:

    This sounds like an incredible idea! I love the thought of blending my own personal scent 🙂

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  2. Wow, this sounds beautiful. I love the idea and ethos. X

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    What a fantastic idea, I love the sound of all the scents and being able to mix and match is a fab way to have your own unique fragrance :)Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

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