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Spruse Essential Oils Review (by WhippedGreenGirl.com) #aromatherapy #Canada #essentialoils #pure #natural #spruse0

Spruse Essential Oils Review

SPRUSE ESSENTIAL OILS REVIEW A true north fan, I’m always looking to see what Canada is creating in the aromatherapy department… Random luck and a little bit of google digging, led me to buy...

Saje Natural Wellness Review (by WhippedGreenGirl.com)7

Saje Natural Wellness Review

  My “Saje Natural Wellness Review” has been in the making for a while now. Seriously, I shop there so much – we’re on a first name basis lol! Trying to find a store...

Les Soins de Jacynthe #Review (By WhippedGreenGirl.com) #Organic, AllNatural, #Skincare that works! One of my fav new products of 201615

Les Soins de Jacynthe Review

All-natural, pure beauty will positively change your face, but it’s so very hard to find. Unless you’re gifted and can make it fresh, so many companies fall short of being truly clean. There’s always...