STILA Eyeliner Hacks

Stila Liner Hacks

Stila Eyeliner Hack Ideas

Stila Eyeliner Hacks

The line of Stila Kajal eyeliners are some of the best. Over the years, new color introductions led to the discovery of quite a few Stila eyeliner hacks. Sure you could use them solely around your eyes but getting clever with your makeup is every artists unique arsenal.


Makes thin lips appear fuller

My first trick is using STILA KAJAL EYE LINER (color: TOPAZ)- a nude, matte, light pink color applied to the outer edge contour of thin lips to enlarge them. The trick is to apply it around your lips, below your natural lip line.

Stila Eye Liner Hack

Stila Eye Liner around the contour gives the effect of bigger lips

Cheating the lines off your lips, makes them appear to be plumper

Using a nude liner gives the impression of bigger looking lips (à la Kylie Jenner) – Thanks goodness gone are the days of loading dark liners; that’s as outdated as crimped hair. Dark liner actually makes lips appear thinner.

DuWop also sells a stellar reverse lip liner that’s worth the mention.



Makes your eyeshadow pop

Adding a touch of Stila (or any brand for that matter) white liner to the corner of your eyes after applying your eye shadow really makes them glow. A soft matte or shimmering white type liner all work. I learned this trick years ago watching way too many makeovers by Carmindy on “What Not to Wear”.

Stila White Liner Hack

White Stila eyeliner in corner of eyes to bring out eye shadow

This little touch of white enhances and brightens your eyes

A little goes a long way with makeup. Even the smallest addition to your face painting routine can make all the difference.
Have fun, try new things, you might end-up with a few new beauty hacks yourself!


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