Sprouting Challenge (Day 6 & 7) UPDATE

Sprouting Challenge Day 6 & 7 (Update)

Sprouting Challenge Day 6 & 7

If you’re not familiar with SPROUTING or my 14 Day Spouting Challenge see first post HERE


After 6 full days of sprouting in my SproutingWorld.com dome (click HERE to see/buy sprouting dome…)- I got edible greens ladies and gents! No dirt, no weeding, no fertilizing!

Sprouting my seeds into snacks involved rinsing my sprouts every day morning/night, and refreshing the water- really not rocket science…

Rinsing Sprouting Seeds


Sprouting Challenge Day 6 & 7 (Update)

These little guys are the seeds that could! They’re growing so quickly I can’t believe I had a hand in this. From seeds 7 days ago, to full-grown, fresh, baby sprouts! Sprouting is nothing short of quick and painless. Especially living in Canada, it’s very pretty much impossible to grow fresh anything all year long, sprouting is the answer to this problem! I’ve managed to successfully sprout in my living room any month of the year, regardless of sunlight levels or temperature outside.


After 5 days of sprouting my alfalfa seeds they’ve grow into fully edible sprouts. I’ve been adding them to my sandwiches and salads, always making sure to rinse the heck outta them before munching (they can carry nasty bacteria if not properly rinsed.)

Full grown alfalfa sprouts can also be stores in the fridge up to 5 days. I have yet to try this, for now I’ve just been eating my alfalfa straight from my sprouting dome.


My peas are shooting but the leaves are still developing. Pea sprouts are edible typically when the top shoots have two leaves… You’ll notice too, the pea has a huge white root, this can be eaten as well but some prefer to cut it off.

Pea Sprouts Shooting

I’m thinking by tomorrow my pea sprouts will be ready for snacking. A simple oil and apple cider vinegar mix with them is heavenly. You don’t need to do much to your sprouts cause they pack a punch of flavor on their own. So yummy and fresh, there’s nothing like picking sprouts grown by you!

I found a great article on pea sprouts here- it really breaks down the development from seed to snack on FreshSprouts.dk HERE

For tasty sprout recipes, I’ve been creeping SproutingWorld.com HERE & also Pinterest has some great ideas.

I’ll be back soon, with more updates! Thanks everyone for continuing to follow my “14 Day Sprouting Challenge”


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4 Responses

  1. Moxie says:

    Your sprouts look gorgeous!! That’s a great idea to grow them, and thank you for the links to recipes. So many things you can do with them! xo

  2. Helen says:

    Mmm what a delicious mini series. I love sprouts. I like to eat them just as they are but sometimes ill put them on a sandwich with hummus. Yum!

    • I usually just scarf them down plain too lol- I actually didn’t make it to 14 days cause I ATE THEM ALL AHAHA! thanks for reading- last post coming soon
      Angie xo