Sprouting Challenge (Day 3 & 4)

14 Day Sprouting Challenge (UPDATE: Day 3 & 4)

Sprouting Challenge Day 3 and 4 UPDATE

If you’re not familiar with sprouting or my challenge see my first post HERE!


What was once a seed, is now a sprout! I can’t believe the transformation in only 4 days; my little shoots are already living plants! No dirt, no mess- so far sprouting has only required me to do a few things: one day of soaking, and 3 days of rinsing my seeds twice per day. I’m using my SproutingWorld.com dome (CLICK HERE TO SEE), it’s a dummy-proof sprouting method.


I’ve been sprouting for about 3 years now. It’s the cheapest, freshest and most nutritious superfood in my kitchen as far as being a health-nut. Eating sprouts fresh from your sprouter is so much fun! Sprouts are super easy to digest because they produce enzymes and they won’t make you gassy like conventional beans and legumes (no complaints there!) Sprouting in general just makes it easier for your body to absorb all those nutrients packed in veggies- vitamins, iron, zinc…


I’m currently sprouting PEAS & ALFALFA sprouts. The peas are in full shoot mode, some peas have shed their skin, they all have long shoots coming out of them and the shoots are getting little green leaves on the tips.


Pea Sprouts Growing

The alfalfa seeds are also in full-out sprout mode, no more seeds- they’re almost all a light brown now or completely white- also with little green leaves on the tips. Just like you’d see on any alfalfa you’d buy in the store


Alfalfa Sprouts Sprouting


Sprouting Alfalfa Sprouts

So as you can see my sprouts are growing faster than Popeye on spinach! I’m going to continue to rinse them every morning/night, and replacing the water in the bottom of my SproutingWorld dome. It’s not rockets science I’m so thankful to preach. I can’t wait to start eating them and sharing recipes!

Thanks for continuing to follow my “14 Day Sprouting Challenge” can’t wait to see what the next few days yields! Angie xo


me sprouting



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