Shea Butter VS Cocoa Butter


Shea Butter VS Cocoa Butter (by Benefits, Uses, Handling

Since my Rose Water VS Witch Hazel article had such a great response…

Happy to follow-up with a “Shea Butter VS Cocoa Butter” post!

If you’re thinking of getting your feet wet using 100% pure moisturizers – there’s no better choice than starting with a good, 100% pure butter. The big players of course being “shea” & “cocoa” butter. But which is better when it comes to shea butter VS cocoa butter.

There’s actually some pretty notable differences. I honed in on the ones I thought would serve any green beauty best…

Shea Butter VS Cocoa Butter (by Benefits, Uses, Handling

Here’s my list highlighting the biggest difference I’ve found when it comes to “Shea Butter VS Cocoa Butter

Shea Butter VS Cocoa Butter (by Benefits, Uses, Handling - #Organic #DIY #Skincare #Tips

Working With Shea/Cocoa Butters

Both butters melt when in contact with skin. Shea butter tends to melt faster than cocoa butter though… As far as absorption, it’s been said that cocoa butter gets absorbed faster than shea butter (cocoa being the preferred choice for massage therapists…)

But shea butter is said to be a slightly better choice for skin treatments. One of my personal DIY favorite anti-aging, face lotions I’ve used for over a decade is mainly shea butter based, see my RECIPE!

Shea Butter VS Cocoa Butter in DIY Skincare

When you’re blending DIY skincare, you need a good butter base. I never knew which to grab in bulk though– shea or cocoa? I hope this helps you decide which butter you should be reaching for when blending your own beauty recipes.

Shea butter is definitely the winning bulk choice for blending my creams. I’ll use 2 cups of shea per DIY lotion batch VS a few tbsp of cocoa butter to the pot. That’s because cocoa butter is super dense (if you use too much your lotion could come out hard as a rock!) Trying to scoop out a hard chunk of lotion is no fun…

Also another side-effect of too much cocoa butter in DIY lotions will cause a weird consistency… It’s hard to explain but little balls (about the size of sprinkles) of cocoa will form in the batches. So your final product won’t have a buttery, smooth finished texture. Pictures sometimes explain best:

Shea Butter VS Cocoa Butter (by Benefits, Uses, Handling


On the other hand, shea butter never finishes with a weird unmanageable consistency. It’s always smooth, easy to whip up, and easier to measure than cocoa butter in DIY skincare.

Good Butters Do Your Body Well

Which ever you reach for (shea butter VS cocoa butter)– they’re both reliable, mother-nature sourced moisturizers. Used for decades by kings and mothers, for cooking and spa pampering – it’s well worth trying out each of them to see which delivers the best results on your skin personally.

Shea butter and cocoa butter are easy to find/buy in health food stores, even in most grocery stores. Neither are super expensive either, no more than $5 to $20 (depending on the quality and size of course…)

Shea Butter VS Cocoa Butter (by Benefits, Uses, Handling

I found this jar for $10Cnd at Loblaws


Let me preach, there’s no better feeling than smothering your skin, in a rich – 100% pure – high quality butter! Each (cocoa or shea) are adored by skin, packed full of nutrients, and offer something unique! Understanding the difference… Well, I hope – I helped make that a little bit easier. 

Thanks for reading my “Shea Butter VS Cocoa Butter” battle. I hope it serves your skin well!


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Shea Butter VS Cocoa Butter (by #DIY #organic #skincare #sheabutter #shea #cocoabutter #cocoa #sheaVScocoa

Shea Butter VS Cocoa Butter (by #DIY #organic #skincare #sheabutter #shea #cocoabutter #cocoa #sheaVScocoa







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18 Responses

  1. What an awesome post. I gotta share this!! xo

  2. Keep up these posts. I learn something new every time. Thanks for sharing on #ThursdayFavoriteThings!

  3. I learned something new about shea and cocoa butter! Great post!


  4. Crossing New Bridges says:

    I like the comparrison list. Made me really see which butter was best for what I was looking for. Im going with Cocoa.#alittlebitofeverything

  5. Amali says:

    Love this post! I’ve been using cocoa butter for the longest time, and love the smell but I really want to try something similar that isn’t scented

  6. Congratulations! Your post was my feature pick from my Commenters at #ThursdayFavoriteThings this week. Visit me on Wednesday evening and to see your feature and grab your badge! I invite you to leave more links to be shared and commented upon.

  7. Soap Maker Me says:

    I really like & use them both in my home made soaps. If I’m being honest I LOVE cocoa butter more! It smells amazing melting in the crock pot. Shea butter is luxurious & very nice in soap too. Cocoa butter is edible & ever since I discovered that I love to nibble on it, lol not that it taste great or anything, I just enjoy it. I really simply dig the aroma. Cocoa butter is more easily accessible for me too. I can find the 1oz tubes/sticks of 100% pure cocoa butter at most stores for $1.50. I have not found shea butter sold like that & it’s not as easily found in stores especially for a bargain price.

  8. Julia says:

    I have some organic raw Shea butter and it smells dreadful, you comment yours doesn’t smell how come?

    • Hummm… Sorry, I have never had shea butter that smelt deadful (unless it was spoiled… then it gets rank) – usually I buy “refined” shea butter which really carries very little, to no scent. But I guess everything is a preference, I love the smell of coconut oil while others I know despise it. Hope this helps! Thanks for your feedback

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