Rustic Maka Review

Rustic Maka (All-Natural Skincare) Review

Rustic Maka is a Michigan-based company with a mission to keep nature in skincare. Their specialties include crafting award-winning, all-natural:

  • deodorants
  • soaps
  • scrubs
  • bath salts

What Rustic Maka create is pure and meant to reclaim the well-being of their customers. Prepared to stand behind every single ingredient they chose, it’s no wonder this company has quickly grown from a small family dream to becoming reliable skincare advocates.

Rustic Maka products are:

  • Paraben Free
  • Organic
  • Dye Free
  • Void of Synthetic Fragrances
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Made in the USA

Rustic Maka believe in going back to nature and appreciating the basics in skincare. Made with love, in small batches and packaged in BPA-free, environmentally-friendly recycled containers- Rustic Maka are committed to making safe, clean, healthy skincare options for everyone.

For this Rustic Maka review I was spoiled with:

  1. Sweet Lemonade
  2. Citrus Gardens (baking-soda free)
  3. Rough Rivers

Rustic Maka Review- PACHY DEODORANTS

Rustic Maka Review (Pachy Deodorants) by

  • Ingredients: please click HERE to see all scents and ingredients for Rustic Maka’s line of Pachy Deodorants
  • Size: 1oz. travel size
  • Cost: $7.95 for travel size (or $11.95 for full size)


Rustic Maka’s line of Pachy Deodorants are award-winning and for good reason- they actually work and they do the body good. Pachy deodorant goes on creamy and looks white, like a typical deo-stick. I applied some on darker paper to get the idea…

Rustic Maka- Patchy Deodorant Review By

I was given “travel” size versions (1oz.)- I loved them. They’re perfect for putting in your purse for reapplication (cause as good as any organic deodorant claims to be, I still needed to reapply it a few times throughout the day to stay smelling fresh…)

My favorite scent was the “Sweet Lemonade”- it literally smells like fresh candied lemons, a real treat for a natural scent. The “Citrus Garden” is the perfect combination of lemongrass and rosemary. “Rough Rivers” is probably a scent preferred by men. My boyfriend snatched this one from me. He loved it, but needed to reapply it throughout the day too to keep from getting raunchy. Don’t leave your Pachy deo’s in hot temperatures, they melt! He learned that the hard way…

Baking soda deodorants have always felt like battery acid on my armpits, especially when applying after shaving. One baking soda deodorant I tested left severe burn marks for over a month. So I’m resistant to ever trying them again. I was relieved to see Pachy offer a few ‘BAKING SODA FREE’ deodorants. I much preferred the gentleness of this one. It still tingled and stung a bit after shaving but nothing I couldn’t handle. The baking soda “Sweet Lemonade” was gentle enough for me to handle too, but it stung too much to apply after a fresh shave.

The consistency, the smell, the size- it’s all WINNING. Pachy deodorant goes on clear, leaves no white stains and is really smooth. I appreciated this product and I definitely recognize them as leader in natural pit-sticks. Pachy deodorants are a healthy, good pick and fit for both sensitive and normal skin types.

Rustic Maka Review: SKORA Natural Bath Salts Wild Meadows

  • Ingredients: Epsom Salts**, Dead Sea Salt**, Rice Flour*, Bergamot Oil, Vanilla Bean, Ethyl Alcohol*
    *Certified Organic Ingredient, **Mineral
  • Size: 11oz.
  • Cost: $13.95

I’m used to Epsom salts- the generic salts that come in really big chunks and take forever to melt down… Rustic Maka’s SKORA sea salts are completely different. I can’t explain them any other way than fluffy and fine- here’s the difference:

Rustic Maka Detox Bath Salt Review by

These are definitely some of the most epic sea salts I’ve ever used; my favorite product out of this bunch. They melt down immediately, smell strong and feel clearing. The product has legs too- two generous handfuls per bath goes a long way with this container.

My skin came out feeling clean and nourished. There is no better feeling than a good detox bath! Rustic Maka’s bath salts I can say with confidence, are now the best I’ve ever used. I’ll be so sad when I get close to the end of this container.

Rustic Maka -Skola Bath Salt Review BY

 Rustic Maka Review: SKORA Natural Soap Bar Sweet Lemonade

  • Ingredients: Safflower Seed Oil*, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Palm Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Orange Peel Oil, Lavandin Oil, Tangerine Oil, Annatto Seed*, Orange Peel*, Rose Hips*, Rosemary Leaf Extract
    *Certified Organic Ingredient
  • Size: 4oz. bar
  • Cost: $8.95

Rustic Maka Sweet Lemonade Soap Review by

This soap bar is filled with safflower, sunflower, palm and coconut oils to naturally moisturize and cleanse your skin. My skin can’t handle any other type of soap other than “natural soaps” because they dry-out skin and throw off pH levels. This bar was moisturizing and smells like a tall glass of sweet lemonade. It’s loaded with citrus oil- good for oily skin and waking-up your senses.

Rustic Maka Soap

It foams-up well, while still being void of any toxic, artificial ingredients. This is definitely a healthy, safe, high-end soap. I wouldn’t allow any other type in my shower. Rustic Maka’s Sweet Lemonade bar gets the 5 star stamp approval from me- a really soft, sweet cleaning treat.

Rustic Maka - All-Natural Skin Care REVIEW - By

Rustic Maka– All-Natural Skincare Solutions

This company has a philosophy and commitment to making simple, pure formulas for your entire body. Products that can detox, cleanse, and awaken your senses. There’s no better feeling than knowing what your slathering all over is actually good for you! Cruelty-free, safe for vegans, and products stored in environmentally-friendly packaging is care. Rustic Maka put more than just love in every bath.

Hope this Rustic Maka review was a slice- for more info on the company and to order CLICK HERE – “FREE SHIPPING” on all U.S orders (no minimum)!


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