Rose Water VS Witch Hazel

Rose Water VS Witch Hazel

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Rose Water VS Witch Hazel - what is best for your skin! By #witchhazel #rosewater #skincare #organic #toner

(Had no idea how popular this Rose Water VS Witch Hazel post would become. Since the 1st version was written when I was very “green” at blogging… Voici, my more fancied, in-depth version!)


My face loves nothing more than misting on a good toner! I think my skin would rip apart and turn to sand dust after a shower without it. But why complicate things or break the bank paying for less than good toners? Especially, when you can buy 2 simple ingredients that can do the job better than anything!

The choices are simple: Rose Water VS Witch Hazel! Those are my 100% pure, easy to find, and buy picks! BOTH instantly moisturize and restore pH levels in a snap (meaning your face no longer feels like a dried-up, stretched scrunchy…)

But, what’s the big difference between these 2 plant extracts?! In a battle royal of Rose Water VS Witch Hazel, who would win and why?

Nailing down my skin type (considering the crazy temperatures in Canada) is no easy feat either. Winter months I get super dry skin, summer months my skin gets oily… What the heck should I be using for what and when?


Witch Hazel is an astringent. Astringents in a nutshell suck toxins and dirt from your pores… So, if you’re prone to dry skin, witch hazel may NOT be for you. On the flipside, if your skin is OILY, witch hazel is the toner to start spraying!

Splashing this spray on the daily is a winner for acne sufferers (helps soothe stubborn pimples and loosens blackheads…) Used in a toner, witch hazel has super powers able to shrink pores, rid redness, and remove dirt/oil from your pretty mug.

Got a nasty sunburn – witch hazel mixed with aloe vera will be your best friend! Applied as a mist, it instantly cools (you’ll be wanting lots of it, trust me!) Plus, it helps keep skin from turning into a red lobster, shrinks healing time, and puts a stop to itchy, gnarly, skin peeling in the aftermath…

Clearly, WITCH HAZEL is the toner for those with thick, oily, or acne prone skin…

Rose Water VS Witch Hazel - what is best for your skin! By #witchhazel #rosewater #skincare #organic #toner

Recently saw this awesome WITCH HAZEL article listing over 40 benefits, recipes and more. See this great breakdown via


Rose water doesn’t come from unicorns, but it’s magic! Able to cleanse skin without ever drying it out. Consider this floral water to be a toned-down version of witch hazel…

Peeps who suffer from combination, dry, fussy skin: rose water is your buddy! Taken from roses, it’s pure + natural! Enough so, you can drink the stuff! People have been cooking with rose water for centuries.

Pure rose water settles skin, rids dryness, and can be sprayed all over your birthday suit. Wrinkle snobs, fear not! Known to kick butt when it comes to wrinkles. All the while it also tightens pores, tones, and calms skin. Truly a liquid flower power safe on cuts, dermatitis and eczema.

Inserting rose water into any skincare routine will literally replace loads of other products. Becoming a cleanser, toner and moisturizer – all-in-one!

BONUS – you’ll come-out smelling like a rose! Where-as witch hazel doesn’t really have a scent… Splash some rose water into your baths, or facial masks, and always spray on after a shower. Your skin will soon be showing lots of “thanks” for it!

Rose Water VS Witch Hazel - what is best for your skin! By #witchhazel #rosewater #skincare #organic #toner


Finally, the conclusion on Rose Water VS Witch Hazel is clear! Each of these plant-based hydrosols grace our sweet cheeks in difference ways.

Clearly, WITCH HAZEL is the champ for OILY SKIN SUFFERERS, while ROSE WATER is the winner for DRY, SENSITIVE SKIN. Either of them instantly restore pH levels and are great for treating sun-burns and stubborn skin issues (rashes, eczema, rosacea…) When applied, they soak-in instantly, lock-in moisture and leave your skin feeling clean, plump, and fresh!

Stories from centuries ago of Cleopatra soaking in rose baths to witch hazel being used by Native Americans to treat skin ailments… Both will do your body good!

Pure, organic, and both naturally sourced for skin. Hope I’ve made some sense of the confusion that is: “Rose Water VS Witch Hazel”!

Rose Water VS Witch Hazel - what is best for your skin! By #witchhazel #rosewater #skincare #organic #toner

Want to buy a 100% pure, high quality witch hazel? Coming at a high recommendation is a Canadian made version by Earthwise(NOT AN AFFILIATE BLAST – neither are any of my other recommendations bellow)! Sold on – it’s affordable, one of the purest forms of witch hazel on the market, and your supporting a lovely local company!

Rose Water VS Witch Hazel - what is best for your skin! By #witchhazel #rosewater #skincare #organic #toner

Top picks on what rose water to buy (made by Canadians in Canada!) Shout-out first to Makers of a 100% pure rose water! You can buy this ROSE TONER direct on their site or also on

Rose Water VS Witch Hazel - what is best for your skin! By #witchhazel #rosewater #skincare #organic #toner

A second, amazing rose water spray that needs some praise! Made by MOROCCAN ROSE WATER TONER. High quality, rose-based face spray, always organic! Leven Rose have EVERYTHING your skin possibly needs – beyond rose waterSee LEVEN ROSE and what they’re all about! you want a high-end version – this is it!

Conclusion – Rose Water VS Witch Hazel

Final rose-based toner I’ll preach, check-out my Odacite Rose + Neroli Treatment Mist Review! Love it xo

Thanks for reading! Please SHARE, PIN, TWEET… Even heard rumblings, this article got linked on MountainRoseHerbs Blog! Amazing – love it all! xo


Rose Water VS Witch Hazel

Rose Water VS Witch Hazel - what is best for your skin! By #witchhazel #rosewater #skincare #organic #toner

Rose Water VS Witch Hazel - what is best for your skin! By #witchhazel #rosewater #skincare #organic #toner







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15 Responses

  1. Crystal says:

    Great info… I’m so scared of toner because it dries my face out. I’m going to give my rose water a second chance especially now for summer!

    • I always add in a bit of jojoba or pumpkin seed oil to mine in the winter too, when my face is extra dry- it definitely makes a difference
      Thanks for reading Crystal! Big fan of your blog too 🙂

  2. Witch hazel is one of my favorite hydrosols, but it is not without scent if you buy a pure plant distillate (preferably organic). In fact it has a really lively green and herbaceous sort of scent that I quite like. In addition to it being a powerful astringent as you mentioned, it also has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. This means that it’s great for acne or any “redness issues” and it also promotes good circulation (great for skin) and helps repair and regenerate skin tissues (super great for skin)! Because it has so many fabulous qualities, I don’t hesitate to use it when making facial mists for any skin type.

  3. Michelle Greenman says:

    Thanks for this. I was using both in a spray but remembered they are both hydrosols I will use rose water, I need the scent and my skin is dryer.

    So helpful.

  4. Dan says:

    I actually use both…this may be unorthodox but I combine them; I use chemical free, organic, 100% alcohol free hydrosols.

    My skin in both oily and sensitive and the combination of Witch Hazel and it’s earthy, herbaceous scent with Rose and it’s gorgeous, sweet and floral aroma…The two juxtaposed is wonderful and I love the effect they have on my skin!


    • When it comes to winter months, I mix em often too – you’re so right the smell of the rose water alone makes me always want to sneak it in lol. Thanks so much Dan, love comments like this! Blending is so much fun, I’m always trying new things when I can. I made a neroli hydrosol based toner recently too- adored it.

  5. Hayley says:

    My skin is both sensitive and acne prone, so I was wondering which would be best for me; could I use rose water during the day and witch hazel for an overnight toner? Thanks for the information!

    • No kidding, sounds like our skin’s think alike Hayley LOL! I have VERY sensitive skin too, it reacts bad to anything foreign… But I am also blessed with acne lol. So I constantly switch em up night & day / day & night – as you suggested. In the winter, sometimes my skin gets mega dry so I reach more often for the rose water but come summer I’m more about the witch hazel. But I always use both daily pretty much… Hope this helps 🙂 Thanks for commenting – Angie AKA WhippedGreenGirl

  6. Ramona says:

    Thank you SO much for actually explaining the real differences . Is it okay to use this with an acid face wash? Like pro-active or curology ? Do you recommend any face washes to go with these two? Again, thanks! 🙂

  7. I have read that Witch Hazel tightens the skin and is good for visible veins on hands, any comments?

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