Rocia Mixer Masque Review

Rocia Mixer Masque Review (by #organic #clay based #skincare

Welcome -music cued, if I could- my Rocia Mixer Masque Review!

Rocia is a Canadian, award-winning, all-natural skincare company. I had the pleasure of meeting them through my friends at Huna Apothecary (gotta love small town Canada eh lol!)

Standards and ingredients at Rocia far-exceed the crap, junk you find in products at most major department stores. This mask is proof considering it’s:

Rocia Mixer Masque Review (by #organic #clay based #skincare

  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Gluten-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Locally Produced
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Void of synthetic ingredients
  • Great for all skin-types
  • 100% money back guarantee


Rocia Mixer Masque Review

Before finding the contest entry form below is my gushing Rocia Mixer Masque review!

See why I loved how this mask can target & cater to fix specific skin annoyances. You mix it with what you want to mix it! Truly a great concept and it’s affordable to boot.

The mask was safe on my sensitive skin, easy to blend and apply. It quickly became my “go-to” safe mask after skin flare-ups caused by crazy PMS’ing hormones.

  • Price: $18Cnd
  • Size: 25g

Ingredients: glacial marine clay, kaolin clay, sandalwood powder, green tea extract, seaweed extract, mango fruit extract

Rocia Mixer Masque Review (by #organic #clay based #skincare

On Rocia’s website they have a clever chart that list’s the benefits of each ingredient listed above. I linked it HERE – go to the “ingredient” tab and you’ll see the handy reference table.

How it Works – “You decide what to mix it with”

Rocia’s Mixer Mask is a 2 in 1 product – because it acts as both a mask and a scrub- genius! I loved using it for this reason alone. Who doesn’t appreciate speeding-up their skincare regime by cutting steps- killing 2 birds with one stone.

Another thing that makes this mask unique is the blending approach:

You decide what your mixer will be… water, toner, mineral water, yogurt, the sky’s the limit with this detoxifying masque blended with precious clays and botanical extracts that leave skin feeling clean, refreshed and silky smooth”- Taken from

I’ll include some recommendation for blending below

The directions are easy: combine 1 tsp of mixer mask to ¼ tsp liquid- form a smooth paste. Apply and rinse-off. I recommend avoiding getting clay down drains. Clay is known to clog pipes (but not pores I guarantee lol)

If you have oily skin (I’d recommend mixing your Rocia Mixer Masque with…): apple cider vinegar (+distilled water), witch hazel, mashed apples, cornstarch, tomato, yogurt, banana+honey…

If you have dry skin (I’d recommend mixing your Rocia Mixer Masque with…): honey+olive oil, rose water, banana, avocado, papaya, grapes, coconut oil.

If you have normal skin (I’d recommend mixing your Rocia Mixer Masque with…) distilled water+watermelon or tomato, honey, sweet almond oil

The mixer mask was recently reformulated to have a better scent. I love sandalwood, so that probably helps contribute to it smelling a little sweeter now.

But it’s still a clay-based mask, relatively chalky in smell and little “blah” to the nose… My quick fix to making it smell amazing: add a few drops of essential oils to your mix. It’ll help give your mask a more pleasant smell + you’ll be in control of it.

Why Clay Masks Work

Think of clay as being your personal facial RoboVac! It sucks-out all the bad stuff deep in your skin, but it also leaves behind a smooth, polished, clean finish.

I want instant results when sacrificing my time taking-off all my damn make-up for a mask. And a clean, clay-based mask is the only mask types to ever give me that “bam” delivery. I instantly see and saw a difference in my skin when using Rocia Mixer Masque (fresh, clean, smoothed skin).

I attribute it to the sole fact it’s full of high caliber clays; truly superfoods for your skin.

Mixer Mask on My Skin

Depending on what you use to mix your Rocia Mixer Masque will vary on how it feels on your skin. Generally though, clay feels cooling and soothing- much like this product.

It doesn’t tingle or feel scratchy at all. It’s a smooth, fine, powder easily applied using your fingers (but also really easy to make a mess with so be careful when mixing.)

Again, don’t expect a cocktail bouquet smell- the Mixer Masque carries little scent. To me, that’s only further evidence that it’s pure and safe for skin.

I mixed my mixer mask most often with banana & honey…

Rocia Mixer Masque Review (by #organic #clay based #skincare

Rocia Mixer Masque Review (by #organic #clay based #skincare

Rocia Mixer Masque Review (by #organic #clay based #skincare

CONTEST – Win a Rocia Mixer Masque!

Thanks for reading my Rocia Mixer Masque Review; time for the real fun. Scroll down for the CONTEST FORM and your chance to win your own Mixer Masque!


Rocia Mixer Masque Review (by #organic #clay based #skincare
Rules/Legal Stuff: No purchase necessary, 1 winner will be randomly selected (contest runs from September 7, 2016 ending October 7, 2016) OPEN TO residents in CANADA & USA (excluding Hawaii & Alaska) – 18yrs of age or older (sorry everyone else!) Shipping of products will be provided by Rocia Naturals or will contact the winner directly to get mailing address for shipping details. Rocia Naturals & will not distribute, share or collect your personal information with any other companies/affiliates- the information collected will be used solely for the purpose of this contest (AKA you won’t get spammed for entering…) Thanks for checking out this Rocia Mixer Masque  Review – good luck to everyone who’s rolling the dice with the contest!

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