Purple Urchin Review

Purple Urchin Review (By WhippedGreenGirl.com) Black Pepper and Birch Muscle Rub

*Tingling Sore Muscle Rub*

Always looking to support local, I’m proud to share this Purple Urchin review. They make amazing soaps but lately have been branching out, making more skincare options.

I broke my neck in a car accident at 17yrs old (fractured my C2 and crushed 2 discs)- so I often experience muscle pain. I’m always looking for natural pain soothers- I refuse to take pain meds of any kind. Good diet, physio and the odd balm has kept me going 100% since (I’m now 34yrs old…)

Purple Urchin Review – Black Pepper & Birch Muscle Rub

I’ve tried so many products, I can’t even start listing them but more have failed than delivered. It’s always the pepper essential oil rubs that work best, so when I was shopping at my local organic grocer Rainbow Foods – I was excited to buy and try a new one: Purple Urchin Black Pepper & Birch muscle rub.

Purple Urchin Review (By WhippedGreenGirl.com) Black Pepper and Birch Muscle Rub #aromatherapy #muscle

What to Expect

For my first Purple Urchin review, I picked this rub cause it really helped my muscle pain personally. Packaged in a small round jar, the balm smells strong! Like strong fresh mint with warm spice. One sniff can clear your sinuses lol. I remember my grandfather constantly gooping on this blue gel junk called “Icy” I think as a child… It blasted my eyes- the permanent smell was intoxicating but he loved it for his muscles.

I sure wish I knew about this stuff back then to replace it- Purple Urchin’s Black Pepper and Birch muscle rub is the 100% healthy and better smelling version of “Icy”.

It doesn’t burn your nostrils but this balm is pungent (after applying always wash your hands! Cause if you scratch your eyes after rubbing this on, you’ll regret it…)

Purple Urchin Review (By WhippedGreenGirl.com) Black Pepper and Birch Muscle Rub

Local Artisan’s Do It Best

Purple Urchin started-out making organic, environmentally friendly soaps. I’m stoked to see their line is growing with new star items like this muscle balm. It really helps settle my muscles after works-out, stressful days, or when I’m just generally feeling pain.

Purple Urchin Review (By WhippedGreenGirl.com) Black Pepper and Birch Salve

It’s similar to “Tiger Balm” in the sense that you can also apply Purple Urchin’s Black Pepper and Birch muscle rub to your forehead, for headache relief.

After applying, it works fast. You feel it get into your skin, gently tingle and work its magic. You can pronounce all the healthy ingredients, including several top-shelf well-known and researched essential oils that target muscle pain.

Purple Urchin Review (By WhippedGreenGirl.com) Black Pepper and Birch Salve

Since this muscle rub is filled with essential oils, it bears the following warning: Sweet Birch essential oil should not be used if you are pregnant, have liver problems, or are on blood thinners. Do not apply to babies or children under 12 or to open wounds.

Purple Urchin Offers Natural Solutions

Knowing I can manage my muscle pain naturally is nothing short of satisfying.

If I help only one other person manage their muscle pain, minus harmful benefits- than this article has served its purpose.

I’ve always kept a close eye on this local soap making lady- surprised to say this is my first Purple Urchin review. Their clean, skincare innovations are something I’m proud to support because they’re well blended, smell great naturally, and they work.

For anyone interested in using only handmade, clean, effective bath and body products- this brand is well worth checking-out.

In only a few years Purple Urchin has grown immensely all via grassroots marketing. It’s the type of product you try -love, and tell your friends about.

Thanks for reading up on these lovelies via my Purple Urchin review. To visit their site and store, CLICK HERE

Purple Urchin Review (By WhippedGreenGirl.com) Black Pepper and Birch Muscle Rub

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5 Responses

  1. This stuff looks fantastic, wish we could get it here in SA.
    Thanks for linking with #ShowcaseTuesday – Have a great day ?

  2. moxiereviews says:

    I’m so sorry about the accident when you were younger. This product sounds great, and I love the brand name! <3

  3. Heidi B says:

    Hi lovely, keep meaning to come visit and leave a comment. This looks awesome. I feel your pain as i have arthritis in my neck from car whiplash and also Fibromyalgia, so i’m a fan of most natural body rubs, balms & oils to help relax those tight excruciating muscles.
    Heidi x

    • No joke- I feel your pain. I’ve been warned about arthritis in my neck too, I broke my C2 and crushed 2 discs, I’m lucky to even be alive. I’m always trying any and everything natural too to help manage the pain, this one really helps! Thanks for reading & commenting! 🙂 Love your writings too!

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