Peach Kernel Oil Face Serum Recipe

Peach Kernel Oil Face Serum Recipe

Peach Kernel Oil Face Serum Recipe (by #PeachKernel #FaceSerum #AntiAging #DIYSkincare #GreenBeauty #DIY #Aromatherapy

Wrinkles be afraid, you’ll love seeing my Peach Kernel Oil Face Serum Recipe! Great for all ages, all skin types, and packs a good anti-wrinkle punch!
Peach Kernel Oil, sometimes referred to as “a fountain of youth” oil! Gets deep into skin and heals from the inside, out!

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Not a video fan OR missed any recipe details… Don’t worry here the full “blog” version of my Peach Kernel Oil Face Serum Recipe!


First, since I always like to give the “WHY” behind everything… Here’s the main benefits behind this amazing, often forgotten carrier oil. Peach kernel oil claims to give a 2nd youth!

Not only powerful against wrinkles/anti-aging, peach kernel oil:
• Helps revive elasticity in skin
• Great on dry, cracked skin
• Safe for use on eczema
• Treats crow’s feet!


  • Ascorbic Acid! This is the good stuff! Brings the spring back to your skin, helps collagen!
  • Vitamin A: consider this a protective layer on skin
  • Vitamin E: fights wrinkles, helps skin tone
  • Fatty acids: where you get all the amazing moisture from!
  • Natural Minerals: helps improve your skin’s structure, color…
    & MORE


• Makeup remover
• Makeup primer
• Quick solution for chapped lips
• Improves sensitive eye area (few dabs massaged around eye area!)

Peach Kernel Oil Face Serum Recipe (by #PeachKernel #FaceSerum #AntiAging #DIYSkincare #GreenBeauty #DIY #Aromatherapy

Peach Kernel Oil Face Serum Recipe

• 1 amber dropper bottle
Peach Kernel Oil
Rosehip Oil
Vitamin E Oil
• 1 drop Frankincense EO
• 2 drops Lavender EO

• Fill amber bottle ¾ full with Peach Kernel Oil
• Drop in your essential oils now (Frankincense + Lavender)
• Follow-up by dropping-in Vitamin-E Oil
• Finish by filling remainder of bottle with Rosehip Oil

Store in cool place, away from sunlight. Expire after 6 months!

Peach Kernel Oil Face Serum Recipe (by #PeachKernel #FaceSerum #AntiAging #DIYSkincare #GreenBeauty #DIY #Aromatherapy


WARNING, if you haven’t started dabbling in DIY skincare until now. It’s beyond fun and addictive!

BUT PLEASE PLAY SAFE. I took an 8 month, certification course in aromatherapy before I ever considered sharing my recipes! Essential oils can be nasty. Take heed, don’t make the first recipe you see online. Especially if the poster has zero education or experience making skin products.

Prime example, my aunt just made a tiny DIY lotion (approx. 30ml). Soon after applying it, she called me in a panic. It was burning her face!
First instinct. I asked, “what’s the ingredients?When she said “20 drops of geranium essential oil“, I almost dropped the phone! WHAT? The writer claimed she just loves geranium essential oils. Wow, I guess so much so- she wants to burn her face off!

That’s way too much GERANIUM! Even dangerous. Geranium is a very strong essential oil, that requires much dilution. For the amount of oil/butter in her recipe, maybe 1 drop MAX would be my safe recommendation.

All of this to say again, be careful only take DIY skincare advice from pro’s.
This writer was so far off the mark with all her recipes, when I looked into it more I realized why… AFFILIATES! She was simply pushing products she was making $$$ on. Honestly, shame on her. I can’t imagine how many others have been hurt by those harmful blends.

P.S: never make DIY sunscreen either! Leave that to the pro’s

Peach Kernel Oil Face Serum Recipe (by #PeachKernel #FaceSerum #AntiAging #DIYSkincare #GreenBeauty #DIY #Aromatherapy

CONCLUSION- Peach Kernel Oil Face Serum Recipe

Sorry, ranting! Back to the prize, peach kernel oil is just all around amazing, + affordable and great for everyone! WINNING!

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See more of my DIY SKINCARE recipes if you liked this one! Plus new video coming next Monday as usual!


Peach Kernel Oil Face Serum Recipe (by #PeachKernel #FaceSerum #AntiAging #DIYSkincare #GreenBeauty #DIY #Aromatherapy

Peach Kernel Oil Face Serum Recipe (by #PeachKernel #FaceSerum #AntiAging #DIYSkincare #GreenBeauty #DIY #Aromatherapy

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