Odacite10 Day Treatment Kit

odacite 10 day treatment kit review

Odacite 10 Day Treatment Kit for Dry/Mature Skin Review (*TRY ME KIT*)

odacite 10 day treatment kit review

I can appreciate what you get out of kits- they’re an affordable hack to try new products without the risk of breaking the bank. I was giddy when I received Odacite’s 10 Day Treatment since I was getting the opportunity to try 7 different high-end organic products.

Odacite10 Day Treatment kit includes not only eco-friendly sponges, but even a little scoop to get every last bit of product out (bonus!)

Another unique service Odacite offers I have never experienced before- after ordering you will be contacted by a licensed estethician based in California to coach you! That’s some seriously special treatment for my old mug, that’s for sure!

Odacite offer 3 versions of treatment kits including: Dry/Mature, Combination, and Oily/Acne

The first time I used the kit, I tried everything- next I used different elements of the kit every night for 10 nights. I had enough product to last me the full 10 days (with some leftovers- oh yea!) The only one that didn’t last was the toner, it’s hard to apply considering it’s not in a spray bottle and I loved it so much I used it all the time.

COST: $29 USD (w/30 day money-back guarantee)

This kit includes 7 products:

  • Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser

  • Jojoba Beans Exfoliant

  • Hydration Mask

  • Immortelle Toner

  • Ultra Effective Eye Cream

  • Night Time Repair Serum

  • Beautiful Day Moisturizer

  • 2 sponges and a plastic scoop

ODACITE have a specific regimen recommended for this kit (taken from Odacite’s website):

• Morning and Night: Cleanse with Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser
• Morning and Night: Follow cleansing with Hydrating Toner Mist
• Morning: Apply Beautiful Day Moisturizer + Ultra eEffective Eye Cream
• Evening: Apply Night Time Repair Serum + Ultra eEffective Eye Cream
• 2-3 Times a week: Exfoliate on cleansed dry skin with Jojoba Beads Exfoliant
• 2-3 Times a week: Apply Hydrating Mask on cleansed dry skin


The kit supplies you with 2 sponges with specific instructions:

“Take a facial sponge moistened with tepid water in each hand. Start at the center of your brow and rinse gently but thoroughly swiping toward the outside of your face, down to your ears and down the sides of the face and neck. This will encourage lymph circulation and help reduce puffiness and give your face a healthy glow”

I never thought I could rave so much about sponges but these are by-far the coolest I have ever used. They exfoliate, they’re extremely absorbent, and they feel amazing against your skin. The moment the sponge hits water it instantly expands at least 3 times in size

odacite sponge from kit

STEP #2 Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser

The cleanser feels like wrapping your face in a rich, creamy velvet robe. It doesn’t bubble-up, which is a great sign Odacite chose their ingredients well. Your face will thank you for starting-off this pampering fest with rich ingredients, including: rose water, ginseng and wheatgerm oil. The cleanser’s great for lifting-off make-up, and oil… Evidence of that will definitely be seen on the sponge (gnarly)

STEP #3 – Jojoba Beads Exfoliate

Odacite’s jojoba beads were the most delicate on skin I’ve ever used! They went to great lenghts to ensure their beads are perfectly rounded to exfoliate without the danger of micro-cuts that damage skin. Lavender oil, jojoba seed oil, and white tea extract are mixed together to rumble and remove that layer of useless dead skin and leave your skin feeling soft and breathable.

STEP #3 – Deep Hydration Mask

After exfoliating a good hydration mask is like a warm bed on Sunday morning. Your face will literally sigh after coating it on, its like- “ahhhhh” soothing. It must be left-on for 20min. to allow all the antioxidants, Vitamin E, and organic tea extracts to kick your skin in gear and encourage plumpness before rinsing-off.

Odacite Facial Steps

STEP #4 – Immortelle Toner

You NEED a good toner after any skincare regime like aloe after a sunburn. Toners instantly restore pH levels in skin (meaning your face won’t feel like an elastic anymore.) Odacite’s ingredient: Immortelle is distilled from a flower. It’s known to put the smack down on signs of aging. Immortelle has always been my personal favorite essential oil for wrinkles, I call it my “organic botox in a bottle”! If you use this toner once, you will never want to live without it…

Depending on what time of day it is when you apply the above ingredients, the kit also supplies you with the following:

3 lotions ODACITE


This moisturizer definitely works and was long-lasting. It’s creamy and my skin ate it up, leaving no grease behind. Its been formulated to fight-wrinkles using extra-virgin-organic-coconut-oil- your arsenal to strengthen your skin’s natural defense all day. Bonus, it helped lock-in my makeup too.


The goal of this serum is to leave skin feeling fresh and replenished when you wake-up. It’s not oil based, which is typical of serum’s- instead it’s cream based. International press have celebrated this product for fighting fine lines, loss of volume and wrinkles.

I mixed some of Odacite’s Wild Carrot Serum with this serum at night for a worthy skin treatment I’d definitely recommend.


Lastly, every woman needs a viable eye cream. I really gooped this on thick at night like a football player (I find this is how I always get the best results). There’s 2 star ingredients in here: blue-green algae

4 Odacite Organic Symbols

Odacite prides itself on effectiveness without toxicity and I can hands-down, proudly claim that their products work and made a difference on my skin. Odacite has chosen some seriously high-end, high-quality organic ingredients for their lotions and potions. This pride has made them the “crème de la crème” in the organic skincare industry. From Rachel Zoe to the New York Times, Odacite is raved about worldwide.

I am so happy with my skin after a week, I’m willing to show you my scary “makeup-free” mug so you can see how great my 32yrs old skin looks!

Finished Fresh Face Odacite Kit


TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT please visit Odacite’s website HERE

If you’re local to Ottawa (like myself), I’m very proud to say this product is available at ORESTA SPA’s 3 locations:


  • 464 O’Connor Street

  • 1121 Wellington Street West

  • 137 Beechwood Avenue

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