New Playlist (December 19, 2014)

Playlists, headphones and chapstick, that’s all one needs to stay snug as a bug this holiday season!

Enjoy these ditties for the week of December 19, 2014!


¬†Artist: Sara Bareilles – Song: “I Choose You”

(Beautiful engagements caught on camera! This video is so precious it brings you to tears; a song for when you’re in love…)



Artist: Oh Honey – Song: “I Love You Will Still Sound the Same”

(If you’re planning on getting married soon, consider this an anthem to the start of your love story…)



Artist: The Cast of Cheers – Song: “Animals”

(A downright sweet indie rock serenade…)



Artist: A B & The Sea – Song: “California Feeling”

(Another highly under rated indie rock ballad for the heavy hearts)



Artist: Chloe Howl – Song: “Rumour”

(A tune you need when you’re just not fitting in, for the beautiful, lost misfit…)

Follow along folks!


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