Monthly Watch Club Review

Monthly Watch Club Review

Monthly Watch Club Review (By Monthly Subscription Box! #watch #subscriptionbox #review #club

Getting a box in the mail, never gets old! Knowing a new package is guaranteed to come monthly – that’s even better! Subscriptions boxes are getting more and more unique. That’s why I was happy to do a Monthly Watch Club Review. So, let’s see what this club is all about!


How Happens…

Every month, in the mail, you get a surprise watch! When signing-up, pick either MALE/FEMALE and the watches sent to you will be based on that choice. Pick the plan you want. Next enter your mailing info and credit card details… That’s pretty much all it takes to get started on

As far as a concept, it’s unique and great for peeps who love accessories (cough, cough – I think my sister owns over 80 watches lol)

Another nice bonus not many subscription boxes offer… You can sign-up – AND JUST TRY, ONE TIME MonthlyWatchClub. No hassles/no monthly billings! Or you can of course, chose from 3 different monthly plans (3, 6, or 12 months) but expect monthly charges $$$.

Monthly Watch Club Review (By Monthly Subscription Box! #watch #subscriptionbox #review #club


How Subscription Works?

Get on and choose “SHOP” via top menu. Next, scroll down and click on “Ready to Subscribe” – GET STARTED. Pick if you are male or female. After, decide your plan (4 to chose from…):

(Monthly charges of $39.99 include all TXS and SHIPPING FEES for Canadian consumers)

  • Month to Month (No commitment, cancel anytime) $39.99
  • 3 Month (Prepay) $114.99
  • 6 Month (Prepay) $219.99
  • 12 Month (Prepay) $395.99 (FREE watch box included w/this plan!)

Once you pick your plan, you’ll be prompted to enter your credit card information, mailing information. Voila, you’re part of the club!

Things to highlight when it comes to these Watch Club Canucks:

  • 100-day warranty offered on all watches
  • 10% of all profits go to Kiva (helps struggling entrepreneurs around the world – Pretty awesome!)
  • Billing is on the 15th of every month
  • Both women & men watches available
  • Watches are always a surprise (new styles, bands, colors etc…)
  • International shipping offered! (added charge of $15Cnd for shipping)

Monthly Watch Club Review (By Monthly Subscription Box! #watch #subscriptionbox #review #club


Obviously, from the sight of this paragraph. I’m dedicating lots of time explaining the cancellation fine print for this Monthly Watch Club Review. Truly, I think it’s the most important bottom line, when signing-up to any form of subscription service.

Read the comments on my URTHBOX REVIEW (it’s getting pretty ugly…) Urthbox is a prime example of a subscription box that’s not upholding its cancellation guarantees and it’s destroying their reputation. guarantees you can cancel at any time. Quick and easy w/NO CANCELLATION FEES. Just cancel before the 15th… You won’t get billed the following month. BEAUTIFUL! That’s how it should be. One email, done and done.

Upholding customer service promises will “make or a break” a monthly billing company. If they say they cancel hassle free. Well, they better darn do it (sadly, many are not…)

So, after my ranting. I’m happy and proud to see are taking that into account. Upholding a greater standard of service –by doing the right thing & immediately cancelling customers when they ask. No 2 more months of billing jibber jabber etc…

BUT! Watch out (no pun intended…) If you buy a “Pre-Paid Plan”. La-di-dah, you get one watch. Then bam- you suddenly you decide to cancel. Be warned, you’ll get hit with a 30% fee. For people signing-up to the 12-month plan, be sure you really want it. Or this 30% could be a real bummer on $395.99.

Monthly Watch Club Review (By Monthly Subscription Box! #watch #subscriptionbox #review #club

Monthly Watch Club Review – CONCLUSION

First, love the fact you know you’re getting a watch. Simply- nothing more, nothing less. While other subscription boxes I’ve tried always have filler. Can’t really do that here!

Guaranteeing the quality is another factor. You know you’re not getting just cheap jewelry, since is willing to warranty their products up to 100 days. Also, all watches come in lovely boxes, which I appreciated.

Yea, I’m mainly a green beauty blogger. But I love to dress-up my arms like any other fox. For any watch fanatics out there – this is a fun, new way to accessories your wrists via your mailbox! Check-out some of their previous watches still for sale on their site. Helps one also get a better sense of style and what to expect. P.S: I love the August 2017 Female watch!

Thanks for reading my Monthly Watch Club Review!

Monthly Watch Club Review (By Monthly Subscription Box! #watch #subscriptionbox #review #club

Monthly Watch Club Review (By Monthly Subscription Box! #watch #subscriptionbox #review #club



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  1. Love this watch, Angie! It’s so classic and will go with anything! xo

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