The Lux Puff Review

The Lux Puff Review

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The Lux Puff Review - by

I hope my Lux Puff review gives this first of it’s kind, anti-bacterial, shower tool justice. When you buy a Lux Puff you’re gaining a 2-in-1 premium bath and body poof, with a 2 layer component (reversible design).

The Lux Puff Review by

The white layer, a velvety soft microfiber cloth is used for lathering & cleansing. Next, connected and within the cloth is a traditional loofah- for exfoliating.

The Lux Puff is safe on skin and the environment, it’s infused with pure silver salt, and naturally blocks the growth of bacteria.

What really impressed me most, is this puff is actually washer/dryer safe! You can re-use this poof over and over again (wash cycle warm / tumble dry or cool.)

The Lux Puff Review by

The Lux Puff Review - by

Get your puff wet and apply soap on both sides, like you would any other loofah. Use the colored loofah inside first to exfoliate, then flip your puff inside-out and use the microfiber cloth to gently cleanse (you can start with the cloth, end with the loofah- whatever you prefer.)

Rinse-out your Lux Puff after washing and squeeze all excess water out. Hang to dry with the handy little ribbon

The Lux Puff Review by

Wash your puff every few weeks, that’s how I’ve chosen to maintain mine.

For really great pics and directions on how to use a Lux Puff, see their main site HERE

The Lux Puff Review - by

When it comes to exfoliating in the shower, I usually buy my poof’s at the dollar store… Meaning, I go through poof’s like socks, they constantly come apart, get tangled and in a matter of weeks they’re completely ruined. I’ve definitely spent a few hundred on loofah’s over my lifetime.

The Lux Puff is not your dollar store version… You’re literally getting a high-end, double layer puff that’s made to last!

It also comes with a little ribbon, so you can hang your puff in between washes- it keeps dry and moisture free.

The Lux Puff Review by

Conventional loofah’s are little balls of bacteria over time, but the Lux Puff blocks the growth of bacteria- no small claim. They hold a patent for this unique benefit. Free from any chemicals, it stays clean naturally (because it’s infused with pure silver salt)! For more info on their silver salt technology click HERE

The Lux Puff Review - by

This sponge is worth every cent. For a cleaning tool, I thought how far can this review really go? But I’m impressed, it’s clever, it works, and it lasts.

It’s guaranteed for the life of the product and is environmentally friendly.

The inside-out, flip concept is really simple but genius, no more wet, nasty cloths in my shower- this guy replaces them all.

The Lux Puff dries fast because it’s microfiber and it feels really soft on your skin; it’s the fanciest loofah I’ve ever used.

You can buy it either in blue or pink (I received the cobalt blue, pink is called “radiant orchid”), it ships to: UK, Canada, U.S.

Hope my Lux Puff Review – inspires you to wash a little more environmentally conscious! For more info on this handy shower gem CLICK HERE




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2 Responses

  1. LeAnn of aVivoPur says:

    The Lux Puff is AMAZING! I’ve had mine for nearly a year and it looks, feels, and is as clean as new! LOVE it! Great review, so glad more people are learning about the power of NATURAL anti-bacterial options. Too many chemicals in this world!

  2. moxiereviews says:

    I’ve seen this, but I’ve never read a review. Sounds great, so I’m glad they sent you one to try! xo