Lavanila Starlight Review (Deo Trio Kit)

 Lavanila Starlight Deo Trio #Review (By New #Lavanila Deo kits - 3 full sizes! Save$ & get the best #organic deos!

Lavanila is the main reason I shop at Sephora (hidden costs in shipping fees for Lavanila to Canada are brutal…) But recently Sephora stopped selling Lavanila in stores and online. It caused me to go in full panic mode (I left like Elaine on Seinfeld, when her precious sponges discontinued!)

I was buying every damn deo stick at all local Sephora‘s like I was facing armpit armageddon.

Don’t know what happened but suddenly, thank the stars – Lavanila suddenly appeared back on Sephora again- & to pop things off, they released a new affordable (limited edition) gift set.


Please sell my organic cotton- I’m off to heaven, this Starlight kit is armpit perfection! I’m obsessed with Lavanila deo kits cause I can stock up and save money. But this set made me dance like a school girl cause it includes 2 out of 3 new scents!!!

New Lavanila scents are rare, so if there’s “limited edition” smells out there, I have to get my hands on them.

Lavanila Starlight Deo Trio #Review (By New #Lavanila Deo kits - 3 full sizes! Save$ & get the best #organic deos!


(Price: $33USD – buy HERE)

Lavanila Starlight Trio Deo Review (By

Lavanila Startlight Deo Trio Review (by

You can expect the same “healthy” ingredients & standards Lavanila never comprises on, always FREE-FROM:

  • Aluminum
  • Mineral Oil
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Phthalates
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Silicone Sulfates
  • Synthetic Dyes

Starlight Review – Scent: PURE VANILLA (The tried, tested, and true…)

Lavanila Starlight Deo Trio #Review (By New #Lavanila Deo kits - 3 full sizes! Save$ & get the best #organic deos!PURE VANILLA is the veteran Lavanila deo in this kit. It smells like a creamy, vanilla, popscicle goddess. This is their award-winning scent; one for which I can attest works better than any other aluminum-free deo’s I’ve ever tried.

This product and I go way back, almost a decade now (& let me tell ya… I’ve scouted & stank trying dozens of different healthy deodorants; none work or come close to smelling like this brand.)

Getting a “Pure Vanilla” deo in this set was a nice, safe guarantee; I knew I was going to like at least 1 out of the 3 scents.

Next, the best part! Unwrapping and test stinking the 2 new scents– Vanilla Snowberry and Vanilla Amber.

Starlight Review – Scent: VANILLA SNOWBERRY (My new favorite…)

Lavanila Starlight Deo Trio #Review (By New #Lavanila Deo kits - 3 full sizes! Save$ & get the best #organic deos!VANILLA SNOWBERRY is quoted to smell like:

A frosty blend of bright snowberry, iced raspberry, woodland rose, and Madagascar vanilla”

I think Strawberry Shortcake doll- sweet candies and cake when I sniff it. “Vanilla Snowberry” is now my favorite Lavanila deodorant smell ever.

It’s a fun change to just a new lemon, or grapefruit scent, or another new fruit smell (which is usually common with Lavanila). They really sprinkled clever and fresh new ideas into these blends, I love the direction!

The texture of Snowberry is smooth, it works (re-apply a few times per day to keep fresh…), and it’s only around for a limited time. I wonder how I’ll handle the break-up when it’s depleted? Gonna miss ya little snowberry…


Starlight Review – Scent: VANILLA AMBER (Not your nanny’s old amber smell…)

Lavanila Starlight Deo Trio #Review (By New #Lavanila Deo kits - 3 full sizes! Save$ & get the best #organic deos!A cashmere soft whisper of fresh bergamot, powdery winter florals, rich amber, and Madagascar vanilla”

Wow, if that above description doesn’t reek of class, then I’m out of swank. Fact be, I’m not a huge amber fan; I wasn’t positive I’d like this one.

Thankfully though, the amber’s not offensive, it’s more light & airy with a sweet, stiff shot of vanilla…

The vanilla vs amber smells are the perfect combination and really work well to even each other out.

Now for the The Ugly

One weird thing about the “Vanilla Amber” stick solely is, it’s gritty. No other way to explain it, it’s as if there’s little grains of sugar in the mix and it scratches my skin when applying- like an exfoliate I never asked for.

Lavanila Starlight Review - Deo Trio KIT - #Review (By New #Lavanila Deo kits - 3 full sizes! Save$ & get the best #organic deos!

It’s not bad enough for me to not use it, but it’s enough for me to make light of it. If you buy this kit and your Vanilla Amber feels like sandpaper too, let me know! I’ll know I’m not just being a stickler…

STARLIGHT KITS WILL BE MISSED – (bought it + doubled-up!)

After buying these kits- yes, I’m still a fanatic fan of Lavanila, everything about this deodorant line I love. It doesn’t burn my armpits (like most organic/baking soda deos do…), it doesn’t melt or seem too affected by temperatures, and the smells are so amazing I swear they have vanilla fairies working behind the scenes.

When I saw the Lavanila Starlight Deo Trio kit for sale, I ordered 2! New smells, full sizes, all at a great price- I knew one lonely box wouldn’t cut it. If you want to get your hands on this kit via Lavanila (sorry Sephora seems sold out…) CLICK HERE

Thanks for checking out my Lavanila Starlight Review (Deo Trio Kit)


Lavanila Starlight Deo Trio #Review (By New #Lavanila Deo kits - 3 full sizes! Save$ & get the best #organic deos!



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