Huna Cleansing Powder Review

Huna Cleanser Powder Review - by #greenbeauty #cleansing #cleansingpowder #natural #skincare

Welcome my latest YouTube share, this “Huna Cleansing Powder Review”! So yes, I’ve been a long time fan of on this blog- dating back to 2016.

For this YouTube video, I am specifically raving about HUNA’s CLEANSING POWDER. Never shy to rave about their ingredients, to name a few this cleanser is loaded with: coconut milk, rice powder, licorice root and so much more!

Huna Cleanser Powder Review - by #greenbeauty #cleansing #cleansingpowder #natural #skincare

Mainly, I love HUNA for this fact. Their skin care line has ingredients your skin has been yearning for, for years! Above all, nothing but rich, nutritious, confirmed efficient skin food.


I am now a HUNA Brand Ambassador. I have never done this whole “ambassador” concept with a skin care company… But HUNA is a company I have been using, buying, and reviewing for +5yrs now. I respect their ingredients, their brand message, and their products (cause they work wonders!)

So, let’s curl-up to this figurst review on “HUNA’s CLEANSING POWDER”.

Thanks for reading + watching – Angie @WhippedGreenGirl

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