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I’m all about featuring Canadian skincare, that works- welcome, my HERBS AND BUTTERS SKINCARE review! Created by a woman with a passion for clean cosmetics, (& a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry to boot!) Definitely hit it off right there. Born in 2018 Herbs and Butters Skincare is founded on 3 pillars:

Tapping into the power of nature to help heal your skin is this company’s bottom line and I can’t respect that more. So, does it work? What did I try? Let’s see…


So, got spoiled with 4 full-size products for this Herbs and Butters Skincare Review, including:

In order of LEAST-FAVORITE (first) to BEST (last) – here’s my experience jumping into this brands blends.

RASPBERRY MOISTURIZING CREAM ($45CND)- Definitely does the job to moisturize. Golden, light and a whippy like lotion that’s easy to apply. Only 1 little complaint, not a huge fan of the scent (reminds me a bit of a lotion my granny used to lather on her sore muscles…) Fan of using this before bed on extra dry skin spots.

Raspberry Cream - Herbs and Butters Skincare Review (By whippedgreengirl.com)

GREEN TEA EYE CREAM ($42CND)- I’ll admit not a huge eye cream fan. Hard to win me over in this category. Scared of putting anything close to my peepers lol. But, this one is good! Light, unscented (as it should be), and soaks into skin fast. Instantly skin feels soft too! I’ll be using it again and again.

Herbs and Butters Skincare Review (By whippedgreengirl.com)

HYALURONIC ACID FACIAL SERUM ($31.50CND)- Think of a shot of skincare cooling gel with a hint of floral scent (so fun!) You feel this stuff working instantly after applying – tightening and moisturizing. A close fav for sure. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to fight wrinkles off their face.

Herbs and Butters Skincare Review (By whippedgreengirl.com)

ALMOND CLEANSER ($25CND)- This is the product that sold me on this brand! Definitely one of the best cleansers I’ve used in years. Why such a claim? First, the consistency is jelly, dreamy, rich! It smells like yummy candy and it’s VEGAN! Never made my skin feel stripped and it’s easy + fun to use. When combined with a bit of water it instantly foams and lightens. Takes off my full face of makeup with little to no effort. I will need to re-buy this winner!

Herbs and Butters Skincare Review (By whippedgreengirl.com)


First, major props to this company for not cutting corners on the quality of their bottles. Mostly glass, great working pumps and jars. Top-notch containers that clearly represent a company that cares. Investing a few cents more in good packaging, can be a BIG deciding factor on whether I’d buy again… So yea, love the containers used by Herbs and Butters Skincare!

CONCLUSION – Herbs and Butters Skincare

Truly proud to test these Canadian blends. From conception to packaging, it’s done right and well. Really, would I buy again- YES! Planning on getting a few things for others at Christmas too.

Check-out all the goodness at HERBS AND BUTTERS SKINCARE and definitely consider their Almond Cleanser– yummy!

Thanks for reading, see more REVIEWS if you dig this skincare dialogue

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