We Grow Old, We Grow Apart…

Here's to Growing OldWe Grow Old, We Grow Apart, We Never Forget


I find its difficult to realize I’m not the same sometimes. My reality will never be close to a divine fantasy. I finally understand that growing-up is hard to do.

We allow our lives to become blenders of routine shit and lost friends. In fact, what happened to all our friends? All gone, too busy, or grown-up. So much pressure about the future when it’s impossible to accept the reality of today, it’s like a damn disillusion.

Don’t know if its part of the laws of turning thirty but there is deep pain felt for the lost connections without even realizing how close I’ve grown to the very few I hold so dear. I’ve realized it’s all about not losing sight of who you are and to fight to keep the ones you love, never let them slip away… Dave Grohl’s mantra is “it’s nice when things are nice” – I like that. This is a cheesy post but it’s a tip-off to all friends- raising a glass you!

To all my lost friends, may you always find your way home…


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