FlowerandSpice Beauty Masquerade Mask

When it comes to masking, I love a personalized blend – introducing my: FlowerandSpice Beauty Masquerade Mask review. A 100% natural clay mask that you can make “right” for your face. Yea, that’s right mix is how you want it- and your skin too.


First, look at the beauty in this bottle! Seriously, the nicest glass jar I have ever received. So what’s inside? Aside from the Rhassoul and Kaolin clay… The real star ingredients in here is: PANAX GINSENG. This powder is all about anti-aging properties- a fighter of fine lines, wrinkles, plus it’s great for balancing and brightening skin! Yea, this stuff is awesome…

So- there’s loads of other skin goodies. Here’s what’s in it: Rhassoul Clay*, Kaolin Clay*, Colloidal oatmeal, Almond seed extract*, Maltodextrin, Zea mays starch, Turmeric longa root powder*, Panax ginseng (Ginseng) root powder*, Cocoa seed powder*, Licorice root powder, Calcium carbonate, Lemon Mint leaf extract*, Rosemary leaf oil*, Hibiscus) flower extract*, Lemongrass oil*, Black Pepper seed oil*  (*means organic)

SIDE NOTE: this isn’t my first rodeo using Flower and Spice. Tried this company’s stellar FACE SERUM too. Wow, it’s all kinds of skin gracing good. Notably, the scent and oils- I loved it too.

FlowerandSpice Beauty Masquerade Mask


So yea, MASQUERADE comes in a powder form. Why is this awesome? It means you can mix-up this powder with whatever you please. Wanna be boring, just add bit of water to the powder will work magic, sure yea… But if you wanna get your face feeling like it’s on a magic carpet ride. Welcome, a few blends I’d suggest:

  • SENSITIVE SKIN: fresh/crushed banana, honey and rose water (enough to create a paste) – if you have essential oils on hand, a few drops of lavender
  • OILY SKIN: fresh/crushed tomato, hazelnut oil + witch hazel (enough to create a paste) – if you have essential oils on hand, a few drops of tea tree oil
  • NORMAL SKIN (if that even exists lol): fresh/crushed papaya, honey, witch hazel (rose water to create a paste) – if you have essential oils on hand, 1 drop of geranium oil

CONCLUSION – FlowerandSpice Beauty Masquerade Mask

Finally, what I love about this mask? It’s the long list of amazing ingredients, the easy way it blends like silk, the beautiful natural scent… Seriously, I could keep going. Make it fancy or just blend it up quickly with water, your skin will thank you. YES- I recommend this powder mask to anyone who isn’t a fan of wrinkles or just needs a bit of instant skin pampering. Get your glow “on”, naturally with this powdered gem!

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THANKS FOR READING- Angie AKA @WhippedGreenGirl

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  1. Flower and Spice keep popping up on my Facebook! I really need to try them sometime. I love customisable skincare, it’s a little bit more DIY. Hope you and your lovely family are doing well. xx