Five Tips When Joining a Dating Site

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Here’s 5 staple, stick em to your fridge tips when joining a dating site! This online stuff really works if you can have an honest, practical approach. The dating world has evolved so much we’re actually lucky to have all these new mediums at our fingertips. There are gay dating sites, hetrosexual sites, even sites for people in uniform! Anyone can now meet anyone and it’s great. If you’re single and looking this is the way to go, everyone is doing it, so you should too! But before- proceed with caution, here are five tips I learned from my experiences dating on the worldwide web.

TIP #1Don’t hide behind a HEADSHOT

I don’t care what size your ass is (but he might) so you really want to be honest the first time he lays eyes on you. Don’t hide behind anything, as in skinny pics from 10yrs ago. You’ll only be setting yourself up for disappointment. Try to add in some action shots into your profile of you doing sometime instead of duck faces- BUT NEVER EVER include pics with friends. I’ve seen this happen all too often- some dudes will dig your friends more and that’s just messy- don’t be a grenade. However, DO hide behind a VPN, as it will protect your identity from potential stalkers. By using a VPN, you can also get an unban on omegle if you use that for chatting online, but at the same time, it will hide your IP address and help to keep you safe online.

TIP #2Don’t waste time talking by phone or by text for weeks/months on end

You end up building this person into a figment of your imagination holding on to only good bits and pieces while missing all the crap. I did this mistake with the first person I ever dated online. We spoke for over a month before meeting. When I finally did see him, the spark just wasn’t there… But because I’d spent a month talking to him there was this underlying pressure that we were already a couple. I tried to force it to work and obviously he wasn’t all I imagined him to be. It’s a sticky situation. I pissed him off royally when I finally had the balls to give him the ol’boot. So no phone jabber jabber, instead quickly make plans to meet sooner than later (IN A PUBLIC PLACE) if you do dig each other. Sometimes in these situations, I feel like it would be easier to just buy Realistic Sex Dolls. They provide you with company and they’re never going to hurt you. But if you are hurt by a situation where you find someone didn’t live up to your expectations, don’t let it knock you back, keep going!

TIP #3Pictures tell a thousand words…

When you are online dating, all focus is on the looks. While your sensual aroma may be the clincher on a first date, or you could even invest a pheromone perfume from True Pheromones to help you with this, your date can’t exactly smell you through their computer. Therefore, pictures are the key to online seductions. This is from my own personal experience, no science here but I -try and avoid these hot messes:

Bathroom shots= WTF (I poo here, I don’t make art…)

Shirtless= Yuck (keeps your nipples to yourself- he’s the dude yelling at mom to buy him more protein powder) EXCEPT unless you’re a gym rat too this could be a match made in heaven.

Holding another woman- or women… Yea bro, you’re a real slick rick- dare not confirm if also a prick


As soon as you find out his full name, where he works, sports he plays, personal details GOOGLE HIM! Whatever flipping dirt you get on this person or doppelganger will serve you damn well doing a simple Google search. It’s really sad, but I’d say 5 times out of 10 he’s already got a girlfriend and the asshole is just trolling dating sites to make his dick and ego bigger. True fact, I have done these checks many times only to find the guy under a different name, different job, engaged or already involved with another woman.

TIP#5 – Don’t brag you’re a professional sports fan

These profiles just make men run. If you rant and rave about how much you love football and soccer and cricket you’d better back it up lady. If not you look like a twit who’s desperate, kind of harsh I know but it’s a fact this drives men mad. Just imagine your date shows up, he’s talking halftime, quarter-line, hat trick, penalties as you’re nodding back in complete oblivion having not a clue what the hell he’s talking about. You look like a liar (not a great first impression). You don’t want your date to be totally turned-off because your profile is a a bunch of shenanigans. You might like sports I get it yes, but if you don’t– don’t act like it, he’ll see right through you.

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