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Trying to be more “green” is obviously an approach to life I raise a glass to. Cleaning-up my lotions and diet were first, but my makeup! Eeeek, well that’s one area of my life I often slip in a toxin or two at the expense to look good. It sucks, I know I’m doing it, and I need to stop.

There’s lots of “organic” makeup out there but its darn expensive and often hard to get your hands on. So along came a good ol’ Google search and a company called: ERZULIE COSMETICS.

Erzulie Cosmetics is a 100% all-natural, mineral cosmetics, and holistic skincare company made in the USA. Their products are all handcrafted, formulated, packaged and shipped with care by the owner herself…

Erzulie Cosmetics is one of the only 100% safe on skin makeup lines I have ever found. They do this by choosing only gentle ingredients that come straight from the earth while keeping in mind all skin types (sensitive, acne prone…) Erzulie Cosmetic formulas, choices, blends and colors are no walk in the park to create. This is a craft that takes years to perfect and something only toxic conventional makeup companies could dream of coming close to…

This makeup works, it’s amazing on my skin, and I will continue to use it for years… SEE MY FINAL MUG BELOW!

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I recently ordered the following items (+ some extra goodies I wasn’t expecting) for this Erzulie Cosmetics Review:



I’m in love with Erzulie’s Liquid Mineral Foundation, it’s smooth, easy to apply, and moisturizing. It gives serious coverage, sun protection and leaves behind a glowy matte finish. It’s not thick or goopy and you only need your fingers to apply it correctly. Check out my before & afters:

Erzulie Cosmetics Review (By #ORGANIC #CLEAN #SAFE #MAKEUP (before & after pics included)

The Skin Brightening Primer I used where the sun normally hits my face (cheek line, nose bridge, forehead…) it really makes the foundation pop and gives a shimmer effect plus some extra moisture. It’s the product you want for the perfect finish.

Erzulie Cosmetics Makeup #REVIEW (by

The Shimmer Stick (shade: MIA) I applied under my eyebrow arch and lips. I liked this product but I was expecting a more bright pink when was more of a sheer light brown. The Shimmer Stick consistency is a bit too thick to use as a highlight all over your face. It’s far from being a liquid type shimmer, it has the consistency of a lipstick…

Erzulie Cosmetics #Review (By

For the liquid shine look you’ll want Erzulie’s Mineral Skin Bronzer. This stuff really made my cheeks pop and glowing. It feels like jelly and is super easy to blend over foundation. You can do some serious highlighting with this stuff too.

Erzulie Cosmetics Review (By


The Mineral Primer I bought because I wear lots of powder eye shadows that need a good sticky base before application. The primer does works well to keep the initial powder off your cheeks and on your eyes- but my eyeshadow still ended-up all smooshed in the crease of my eyelids by afternoon. It didn’t keep it in place for long.

Erzulie Cosmetics #REVIEW (By

Erzulie recommends using this Mineral Primer to blend your powder directly with it, I haven’t tried this tactic yet. I guess I’m just stuck on Too-Faced Eye Primer, nothing beats it yet.

UPDATE: The maker of these prime products (Rhonda) is so stellar, she emailed me to give me a little more insight on this Mineral Primer product- its mainly for blending powders into cream- I was using it to lock on my eyeshadow, not necessarily what it was made for… For this reason, Rhonda suggested I try the ERASE POT… I’ll definitely be giving it a whirl!

Next on my list is to try are Erzulie’s mascara and liners, now that I know and love these products I wish I would’ve gotten a kit the first time round.

Goddess on the Go Kit

Erzulie Cosmetics Review (By #Organic #toxicfree #makeup

ERZULIE COSMETICS- A Natural Makeup Solution

Erzulie Cosmetics chose to name their products after goddesses/strong women because it represents their mission statement- to embrace positive energy and strength. Since when do you hear makeup companies say that!? Never…

All the big player cosmetic companies would much rather line their pockets using cheap, toxic ingredients at your expense, and they’ve been safely getting away with it for years… For this reason, Erzulie Cosmetics are now an award winning, unprecedented, acclaimed company forging the torch for change and demand to make safe makeup accessible.

If I ever have a little girl, I will only allow her to use this brand. That is how much I trust this humbling company.

Clearly, I believe Ezrulie are master geniuses behind one of the best and most affordable organic makeup lines made for the everyday woman. Amazed by the amount of colors, options, and lines Erzulie offers. Twenty-seven pages of products on Etsy all of which I would love to get my hands on.

Erzulie Cosmetics is a one-stop-shop to detoxifying everyone’s cosmetic bag. Featured in the New York Times as the Etsy Makeup Counterculture shakers, this company is really going to challenge the market. I’m proud to possibly have a little part in spreading their good work…


For all the latest on Erzulie Cosmetics – see all their links below!

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  1. Amazing results – thanks for linking up with #ShowcaseTuesday

  2. Rhonda says:

    Thank you Angie for your beautiful and gracious review/feature. You can also find my products on the official Erzulie Cosmetics website.
    I offer several payment and shipping options. and
    Namaste to all my fellow goddesses.

  3. Moxie says:

    I’ve heard of this brand–and then when you wrote about the NYT, I knew that’s where!! I love your final look, and will now definitely have to check them out! ♥