DIY Sand Flea Spray

DIY Sand Flea Spray

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DIY Sand Flea Spray (By #Allnatural #essentialoil protection

DIY Sand Flea Spray

Ever been down south and attacked by sand fleas (like myself)? Ugh, you know it can seriously ruin a vacation. As a Canadian, love nothing more than “all-inclusive” resorts. But sometimes that also includes bugs and critters completely foreign to our skin. When I’m home and find creepy crawlies in my house, I just visit and book an appointment with some pest control experts who will get rid of them for me, but there are no such conveniences when you’re on vacation. This is why I always travel with a bottle of DIY Sand Flea Spray.


Never heard of these creepy crawlers until I went to Jamaica. They can be tiny or large in size (I know terrifying to think…) Worse though, these little suckers bite! Often leaving behind a nasty, itchy rash. Some react worse to the bites than others (mild bumps to full-blown large sores…)

DIY Sand flea Spray

Mostly, sand fleas love coming-out at dawn or after fresh rain (avoid the beach then… trust me!) Prone to attacking ankles first but don’t think they stop there… They were able to get my vacationing party everywhere, even on the neck.


Protect yourself against these awful bugs by packing my DIY sand flea spray. I’ve used this spray to protected myself and party, on every southern trip since. Spray it on everywhere after a shower, concentrating on ankles. You’ll have a beautifully scented chance at fighting these little buggers…


I mixed the following into a 500ml AMBER spray bottle:

Next add in the following essential oils:

  • Finally, fill the rest of the bottle with “FRACTIONATED” COCONUT OIL
  • Product expires after 6 months – shake well before using!

All the ingredients in this DIY sand flea spray keeps your skin coated + protected. Using only natural oils that repel – not only sand fleas – but other annoying little critters (mosquitoes, roaches, flies…)

Don’t be shy to spray this DIY sand flea spray all over your hotel room, it’s like a personal bug diffuser. Maybe I get a little paranoid when I leave my frozen Canadian country, but I am happy to keep foreign creepy crawlers away. You don’t want to get me started on my first seen in Jamaica cockroach stories LOL…

Thanks for reading my DIY Sand Flea Spray Recipe! SEE MORE DIY‘s if you dig it!

DIY Sand Flea Spray Recipe (by #diyskincare #diy #sandfleas #insectrepellent


DIY Sand Flea Spray Recipe (by #diyskincare #diy #sandfleas #insectrepellent




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4 Responses

  1. Misty Roegels says:

    Did you have any problems with sunburn from the essential oils ? We are going to the Bahamas and bug spay did not work against the sand fleas for us. Any feed back would be great. Thank you !

  2. Kaitlin McCarty says:

    Can I use something other than calendula oil? I don’t have any. I have jojoba and sunflower oil.

  3. Viola Bartel says:

    Do you sell it?