DIY Pumpkin Seed Oil Face Serum

***** UPDATED: JANUARY 2018 *****

Originally posted this DIY Pumpkin Seed Oil Face Serum article back in 2015! Since then, I’ve launched a YouTube Channel – and included a more in-depth, DIY Pumpkin Seed Oil Face Serum recipe VIDEO! If you are more visual, check-out my newer VLOG that discusses all the benefits + a newer DIY recipe using pumpkin seed oil! OR read my updated blog post!


Keep on reading below, for a very simplified (second) version of this DIY Pumpkin Seed Oil Face Serum…


#DIY Pumpkin Seed Oil Face Serum (Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil) By WhippedGreenGirl.comDIY Pumpkin Seed Oil Face Serum

Or as I like to call it… My Better Than Botox Face Serum

Getting old, yea I get the fact that we’re all doing it but it’s still one heck of a pill to swallow for every starlet. Hence, there’s a million dollar market aimed at solely targeting and blasting away wrinkles; like there’s some miracle potion that will keep me looking like I’m in high school for eternity.

Don’t we all wish it was that simple!

Early in my life, I was lucky to find – a simple solution, to help keep wrinkles at bay. Knowing aging is something I can’t stop. No one said I can’t slow it down! My solution is amazingly simple- you can make it yourself, plus it’s affordable.


An organic face serum is truly nature’s version of botox in a bottle! Potent & effective- they work and that’s why they often sell for $100’s. To save you the hefty price ticket,and the scavenger hunt for “best face serums…” Here’s a simple DIY Pumpkin Seed Oil Face Serum recipe you can easily duplicate at home.

Strangely enough, I first discovered pumpkin seed oil benefits after I heard Gwenyth Paltrow preaching about it. Since then I use it daily somehow, somewhere in my beauty regime. A few of the benefits include:

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits (#DIY #Pumpkin Seed #Oil #Face #Serum) By


Pumpkin seed oil is the “be-all” of beauty oils! Able to heal scars, fight acne, revitalize skin, and best of all keeps wrinkles under wraps. If you are looking for a more advanced solution that can give you faster results, you can also consider treatments like anti wrinkles injections. However, pumpkin seed oil has always been my favorite anti-aging oil. It’s great for all skin types, all year long, and it’s not overly greasy, nor smelly. Always, my skin eats it up quickly.

One of the main reasons, I love having a blog is to share recipes just like this DIY Pumpkin Seed Oil Face Serum. It’s something I have been using for almost a decade. In the process I’ve hooked many of my friends too- we all call it that “miracle face oil”…

Always been proud of the fact that I look way younger than my age. Honestly, I attribute it all to the fact I’ve been only using butters, carrier oils and essential oils on my skin – since I was a little grasshopper.

Start young- never stop! It pays off when at 35yrs old you’re still getting carded 😉


#DIY Pumpkin Seed Oil Face Serum (Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil) By




Mix all the ingredients together in the amber dropper bottle. That’s it! No magic, it’s really this simple.

I apply this DIY Pumpkin Seed Oil Face Serum

in the morning all over my face as my makeup primer & I also coat it on thick before bed every other night.

*SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING (product expires after 6months to 1 year)

DIY Pumpkin Seed Oil Face Serum Recipe (by #DIY #FaceSerum #Recipe #Pumpkin #PumpkinSeed






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  1. Thank you for sharing another great beauty tip with #ShowcaseTuesday

  2. NewMummy Blogger says:

    I hadn’t heard to this before, hanks for sharing! #abitofeverything

  3. Tracey Ann Newman says:

    This looks like a great beauty tip. I think gwyn is gorgeous, so im happy to try most of her beauty tips (i drsw the line at geting my foofoo steamed!!)
    Thanks for linking up, Tracey (anxious dragon) #abitofeverything

  4. Diana Caldwell says:

    I just made your pumpkin seed oil serum. I’ve been making rosehip oil out of rosehips I pick. But, I need something to decrease underage puffiness! Any suggestions ?!

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