DIY Maracuja Oil Face Serum


DIY Maracuja oil Face Serum Recipe (by #DIY #DIYSkincare #MaracujaOil #BestFaceSerum #AntiAging #Skincare

Thanks for coming to see my newest skin rambling: DIY Maracuja Oil Face Serum. Maracuja Oil is actually the fancy name for “PASSION FRUIT OIL”!  

When it come to a great choice for DIY skincare face serum’s, scrubs, masks etc… You want to sneak in maracuja oil when you can! Not sure why? I’ll give you all the detail below via my newest vlog post “DIY Maracuja Oil Face Serum”! Wrinkles beware, used for centuries by even the Aztecs to treat skin  

DIY Maracuja oil Face Serum Recipe (by #DIY #DIYSkincare #MaracujaOil #BestFaceSerum #AntiAging #Skincare
Gonna share all the benefits + my anti-aging, face serum recipe – via my latest VLOG POST BELOW!


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If you missed any recipe details or not a fan of videos. Just keep on’ scrolling… See it all in writing instead!


ONE OF THE TOP NATURAL OILS USED IN SKINCARE – BECAUSE IT’S SUPER LIGHT ON SKIN! Personally, I use it all the time! But I don’t see much about it online like coconut or rosehip oil… Poor, lonely, miracleMaracuja”! Never heard of this oil? Happy to do the intro!


For an oil, it’s nothing new folks! Even the Aztec’s used it for healing and skincare centuries ago… Extracted from passion fruit seeds (ONLY ONE CROP A YEAR IS CULTIVATED BY AMAZONIAN WOMAN!)

DIY Maracuja Oil Face Serum Recipe (by #DIY #DIYSkincare #MaracujaOil #BestFaceSerum #AntiAging #Skincare

Not only is maracuja oil considered a miracle oil on SKIN– it’s amazing on hair! Plus, it softens + protects against frizzing & heat!

DIY Maracuja oil Face Serum Recipe (by #DIY #DIYSkincare #MaracujaOil #BestFaceSerum #AntiAging #Skincare


  • Amazing at repairing sun damage on skin
  • Improves skin tone & texture
  • Light consistency / quickly absorbed by skin
  • Top-shelf emollient – meaning, A+ moisturizer
  • Loaded with Vitamin-C, meaning it’s anti-aging
  • Use it to help promote nail and hair growth

Another trick, I remember this oil cause of it’s great ANTI 3’s

  • Anti-itching
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-redness benefits


Expect the oil to have a “bright yellow” tone. But, don’t worry it 100% goes CLEAR on skin! Yes, of course again – it’s SUPER LIGHT, quickly absorbed, no greasy film!

SMELL wise, maracuja is kind of a sweet, fresh– reminds me of Apricot Kernel Seed Oil.

Best skin types for Maracuja Oil = DRY SKIN! Although, it can be used by any skin type: sensitive or oily, mature or young… Another reason why I love this carrier oil so dang much!

(Expiry/Shelf-Life = 1yr to 2yrs)



For this Maracuja Oil Face Serum recipe, I scored my oil via Leven Rose… You’re guaranteed with Leven Rose you’re getting a high quality, 100% pure, ORGANIC oil. Don’t cut corners when shopping for your DIY skincare… You’re going to be eating this stuff, well your skin is – so buy quality!

DIY Maracuja Oil Face Serum Recipe (by #DIY #DIYSkincare #MaracujaOil #BestFaceSerum #AntiAging #Skincare

Regardless of what new oil you’re testing on your skin. Always do a patch test first. You never know! Use maracuja oil NEAT ON skin, or have fun easily blending with it too! 

Speaking of blends! Here’s my favorite DIY Maracuja Oil Face Serum Recipe for ANTI-AGING! I’ll also be sharing a few essential oil blends – to add in (based on different skin types!)

DIY Maracuja Oil Face Serum RECIPE:


  • Fill half the bottle with Maracuja Oil
  • Now add in several DROPS of vitamin E oil + your essential oils
  • Fill remainder of bottle (the other half…) w/argan oil.
  • Shake well before using. Expiry- 6 months 

(Essential oil recommendations…)

  • OILY SKIN: 1 drop Patchouli & 1 drop Roman Chamomile
  • DRY to NORMAL SKIN: 2 drops Ylang Ylang, 1 drop Patchouli
  • ACNE PRONE SKIN: 1 drop Tea Tree, 1 drop Clary Sage

DIY Maracuja oil Face Serum Recipe (by #DIY #DIYSkincare #MaracujaOil #BestFaceSerum #AntiAging #Skincare


Hope you liked my latest skin secret MARACUJA OIL!

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Truly, this carrier oil is affordable, powerful, and works love on skin! 

Leave me a comment or email me if you have any questions. Always happy to help! Thanks again for either reading / watching this DIY Maracuja Oil Face Serum Recipe! More coming xo



DIY Maracuja oil Face Serum Recipe (by #DIY #DIYSkincare #MaracujaOil #BestFaceSerum #AntiAging #Skincare

DIY Maracuja oil Face Serum Recipe (by #DIY #DIYSkincare #MaracujaOil #BestFaceSerum #AntiAging #Skincare


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2 Responses

  1. Tracy says:

    For the DIY Maracuja oil face serum recipe, how much of each into the dropper bottle? Is it a 1-1-1 ratio of the MO, Argan & Vit E or another ratio before you add in EO’s?
    I’vep used Tarte for over year now and loved it, but not the price. Just ordered Life-Flo brand MO, having no knowledge and very little online help, and have been using it straight. I’m not fan of the odor but it does disapate quickly. Is this not safe, using it straight?

    • Hey Tracy! So sorry, I realized I forgot to include the directions and clear measurements in this post… I updated it with a much clearer “directions” section. Quickly though – fill half bottle with maracuja oil. Add in several drops of vitamin e oil + drops of essential oils of choice. Finish off, by filling remainder of bottle with argan oil.
      Yea it does have a smell. And it’s also safe to use maracuja neat on skin – unblended. But if you’re not a fan of the scent. Get some essential oils in the mix, it’ll help cover it up at least
      I’ve used the Tarte one too, it was too pricey for me too. I hope you’ll love going the DIY route!

      Hope this helps! Thanks for coming by