DIY Honey Orange Bath Oil

DIY Honey Orange Bath Oil

DIY Honey Orange Bath Oil (by #DIY #DIYSkincare #GreenBeauty #BathOil #BathBlend

Fans of soaking in a tub, rejoice – I’m going to make it a bit better, using this “DIY Honey Orange Bath Oil”!

Yes, I love a good bath. But, ugh- it’s always so drying on skin. Not anymore, a simple bath oil can make the world of difference! See the blend and details in my latest VLOG below!


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You could literally chuck olive oil in your bath. That alone, is a huge help… But this is “fancy DIY skin time”! This blend is much fancier and you’ll come-out smelling like sunshine!

RECIPE – DIY Honey Orange Bath Oil



  • Mix all ingredients together in a glass container (anything BUT ALUMINUM!)
  • As you’re running your bath water, slowly pour in your DIY Honey Orange Bath Oil
  • Soak, relax, enjoy!
  • PLS NOTE: Sometimes bath oils leave a bit of grime behind. So, as the tub is draining, I clean/wipe the tub down quickly.

I’d avoid this soak before bed. The essential oils may wake your senses a bit, too much. This “DIY Honey Orange Bath Oil” is best suited for a nice soak, after a long day at work. Or before going-out to a dinner! Helps jolt/wake your brain!

DIY Honey Orange Bath Oil (by #DIY #DIYSkincare #GreenBeauty #BathOil #BathBlend

CONCLUSION – DIY Honey Orange Bath Oil

Hope you liked this latest simple, skin care soaking share! I remember the days when I couldn’t take baths because my skin was too dry and sensitive. Wow – have I come far! Don’t be shy to chuck in some bath salts either! They’ll help seal-in the moisture from this bath oil too!

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DIY Honey Orange Bath Oil (by #DIY #DIYSkincare #GreenBeauty #BathOil #BathBlend


DIY Honey Orange Bath Oil (by #DIY #DIYSkincare #GreenBeauty #BathOil #BathBlend


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