DIY Healing Spray (Lavender & Rose Water Benefits)

DIY Healing Spray (#aromatherapy benefits of #lavender) by on


I’m stoked to share another guest post on! My latest musings to grace their pages is an aromatherapy recipe that has served my skin well so many times- a DIY Healing Spray!

This recipe is all-natural, easy to blend, and safe for all skin types. Using the benefits of rose water and lavender essential oil…

For this DIY Healing Spray details and recipe CLICK HERE

Thanks again for letting me rant my first my granola skincare share via your pages! Bringing a little bit of nature back to your life is what makes me happiest. I hope you don’t get rashes, sun burns, or general skin irritations but if you do- get spraying this RECIPE!

As usual, I always like to mention- playing with essential oils can be tricky and volatile, so don’t be shy to consult a professional (aromatherapist, naturopath, doctor etc…) if you have concerns or need more information. Play safe, naturally…

Follow along folks!


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4 Responses

  1. Will definitely try this – Thanks for linking up with #ShowcaseTuesday

  2. Thanks for linking me LOL! You guys are stellar support for blogs!!!

    BLOGGERS check em!!!

  3. Patricia Viera says:

    I would love to get the recipe of ur rose water mist.

    • Hey Patricia!
      Here’s the recipe 🙂 I’ll paste it all in below:

      •1 cup rose water
      •½ cup aloe vera juice
      •1 tbsp jojoba oil
      •10 drops lavender essential oil
      •1 fine mist amber spray bottle (avoid clear bottles, they can’t protect the properties in essential oils, glass is also preferred but not a must…)
      •Pour 1 cup of rose water into an amber, spray (fine mist) spray bottle.
      •Next, add the jojoba oil and lavender essential oil
      •Finish by topping-off with aloe vera juice
      SHAKE WELL before applying- spray when your skin needs it, feels dry or irritated (day or night)
      After a shower this spray is heaven on your skin too, since it instantly restores pH levels.

      Another blend I love mixing that’s also good for all skin types and your face. (Rose + Geranium mixed – smells beautiful, clean & fresh!)

      Recipe: DIY Geranium Moisturizing Spray
      3/4 cup rose water
      1/2 cup distilled water
      3 tbps jojoba oil
      1 drop geranium oil
      1 fine mist spray bottle (preferebly amber – not clear…)

      Thanks for commenting! I hope these recipes help out 🙂