DIY Frizzy Hair Remedy


DIY Frizzy Hair Remedy (Static Control too!)

1 Empty Fine Mist Spray Bottle (preferably not clear, to protect the product)
½ CUP rose water
½ TSP castor oil

(OPTIONAL- a few essential oils for fragrance, I used diluted rose essential oil & in the winter when my scalp is extra dry, I used 2 drops of tea tree oil.)

Pour the rose water and vegetable glycerin into the mist bottle (optional: add essential oils for scent now if desired)
SHAKE WELL BEFORE SPRAYING- this is super important! Since the oil and water separate, you have to shake-up the product before spraying it on your hair.

Use this all-natural, healthy DIY frizzy hair remedy on wet hair after a shower before styling/blow-drying, and spray on throughout the day when static or frizz starts to creep out of control.

ROSE WATER BENEFITS ON HAIR: Rose water works great on dry, frizzy hair. It won’t weigh it down like conventional hair products and it’ll soothe and nourish your scalp. Rose water will  soothe your head instantly and restores pH levels

CASTOR OIL BENEFITS ON HAIR: Castor oil is mother nature’s gift to hair. Many call on this oil for aid with hair problems, including: hair loss, hair thinning, itchy/dry scalp, split ends and more… Packed with vitamin E oil this is your “go-to” oil for eyelashes to dry scalp patches… Bonus- the castor oil will leave a healthy sheen on your tresses

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