DIY Fennel Eye Rinse

DIY Fennel Eye Rinse (By #DIY #Organic

Ever wake-up looking like you’ve been through the roller- we’ve all been there… Red, burnt, swollen eyeballs are no walk in the park.

To instantly soothe and give your eyes a break after going a little too hard- whip-up this simple DIY fennel eye rinse using only 2 ingredients!

DIY Fennel Eye Rinse Recipe


  • ¾ cups of distilled water (distilled is always preferred…)

  • 1 teaspoon fennel seeds (must be crushed)

Step 1: Boil distilled water in a small pot- remove from heat.

Step 2: Mix finely crushed fennel seeds in with the water. Leave it covered (20 to 25 min.)

Step 3: Strain mixture to remove all remnants of fennel seeds. You can use a cheese cloth or a nylon to filter out all the seeds from the liquid.

Step 4: Pour the prepared mixture into a fine mist, glass, spray bottle and store in the fridge for up to 5 days.

How to use:

To apply the DIY Fennel Eye Rinse you can either spray it straight-up on your open eyes (my preferred method), or use an eye cup.

If you want to go rogue just splash the stuff right on your eyes too if it suits your needs.

The fact it’s stored in the fridge makes it super cooling on your face and instantly helps your eyes deal with being open all the time- it’s hard work for those little lids to keep on flapping. They can use some pampering sometimes too 😉

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