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DIY eyelash growing serum have always fascinated me. Long eyelashes make us feel like vixens, that’s why women will even stick glue all over their eyes for fake ones… Brave on you but I never could. I have long been on a mission to find a more natural approach. Ao lhe top brands sell “lash growing” serums but at one heck of a cost, sometimes well exceeding over $100USD! H

It blows my mind though when I see the ingredients listed on these products; they’re usually pretty simple and really cheap to mimic at home.

Here is my all-natural eyelash boosting powerhouse blend! It’ll save you money, keep your body clean, and you’ll get some hot eyelashes in the process- WIN=WIN!

DIY Eyelash Growing Serum



-Pour castor oil into empty mascara tube until ¾ full.

-Add 2 drops of rosemary essential oil and 1 approx. drop of vitamin E oil.

-Fill the rest of the tube now with avocado oil until tube is full.

BEFORE APPLYING – always shake the serum (if not the essential oils will not be mixed-up properly!) Use at night before bed. If you’re not addicted to mascara during the day like me, apply it in the morning too.

Product expires after 6 months

DIY Eyelash Growing Serum


  • Castor oil: one of- if not the best, effective all-natural carrier oils used to promote hair growth
  • Rosemary oil: stimulates hair follicles which in turn means lashes can grow stronger and longer
  • Avocado oil: this type of carrier oil is considered the king of ‘hair’ fruits because its full of vitamins and provides a deep conditioning treatment
  • Vitamin E oil: helps with hair loss, strengthens hair follicles and capillaries- thus promoting growth

For the EMPTY MASCARA TUBES, I bought them on Ebay– paid approx. $1 USD per tube- major bargain and this DIY eyelash growing serum makes for a great fun gift too!

Here’s an EBAY LINK if you want to use the same empty mascara tubes I did HERE

empty mascara tubes

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DIY Eyelash Growing Serum







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8 Responses

  1. Moxie says:

    OMG! Brilliant! I never thought to make this myself!! xo

  2. Whitney says:

    So do you just apply it like normal mascara?! 🙂 I love this and I can’t wait to try it!

    • Yup! Just shake it up & apply like mascara. When I found the empty tubes on ebay I was like YES! it just makes it so much easier
      Thanks for reading! 🙂 Angie

  3. Elle says:

    Would this work for eyebrows too?
    I have very thin eyebrows and I wanted to grow fuller.

  4. Very cool! I never thought to make my own. This is great!