Cocovit Review

Cocovit Review By - #organic #allnatural #skincare (my little miracle jar!)Cocovit Review By - #organic #allnatural #skincare (my little miracle jar!)

Cocovit Review By - #organic #allnatural #skincare (my little miracle jar!)



Cocovit Coconut Oil Review (By


I’ve wanted to buy this oil for at least a year now, it’s touted to be the “crème de la crème”best of the best, coconut oils on the market for skincare (I first saw Cocovit when the godmother of green beauty bloggers tweeted about it- (thanks Sarita Coren from!)

I use coconut oil for so many things, from cooking to makeup remover, to scalp treatments- it’s just a great go-to oil anytime my skin decides to act-out or needs moisture.

Cocovit Review (By Touted to be the coconut oil for #skincare

Buying the right kind/type of coconut oil though, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The market is flooded with different companies, types (refined/unrefined/organic/GMO-free etc…) – it’s hard to find the right coconut oil, for the right use.


Cocovit Coconut Oil is hands-down the best, high-end, coconut oil I’ve ever coated myself in… For deep skin treatments (hair, nails, dry elbows/heels…) this stuff is gold! And trust me, when it comes to coconut oil, I’ve tried easily many a dozen over the last decade… It’s silky, no lumps, and melts instantly when heated on skin.

Cocovit exceeded my expectations, my skin absolutely loves it. Its replaced at least 3 other products in my beauty cabinet; now I can’t live without it. I’m already planning another order, it’s a gem in a jar. I give it five out of 5 stars.

Cocovit Review (By

It treats my dry skin instantly, leaves behind no greasy feeling, and the lingering smell is beyond winning. I want jars everywhere now: purse, work, medicine cabinet… Cocovit is a prime example that when using high standards and new levels of processing, you’re achieving natural beauty, the way nature and your skin intended.


First, it’s definitely the most expensive jar of coconut oil I’ve ever paid for ($36CND for 3.3oz). They aren’t giving it away… The high cost is attributed to the fact Cocovit cut no corners when producing this top-shelf, wrinkle fighter. Take-it from Cocovit themselves:

Cocovit Review (By The best #coconut oil for #skincare

It’s well worth the price because you’re buying one of the few hottest, purest, richest, coconut oil’s on the market. This oil can be used for so many things, it’ll save you money in the long run.

Secondly, if you’re expecting to open the jar and scoop out a nice, smooth, whipped lotion- it’s not the case. Cocovit is a pure product, it’s temperature sensitive just like butter (meaning it’ll melt when hot & be hard as a puck when cold.)


If you already use coconut oil, you know what I mean, but Cocovit is a little more dense and heavy than your average oil. Being so thick you almost have to scrape it out, but as soon as it hits your skin, it starts to melt. It takes no time to be fully absorbed either.

Cocovit Review (By Touted to be the coconut oil for #skincare

CONCLUSION: Cocovit is Nutty Garland Bliss

From the moment I unwrapped and sniffed-in my Cocovit, I knew I was in for a treat. It’s the sweetest,  strongest, and purest coconut oil I’ve ever smelt. I want to eat myself after applying it.

I sneak it into my beauty regime wherever I can: after a shower on my body, on my face (doubles-up as a great makeup primer too), on split-ends, and it’s a convenient hand lotion. 

Cocovit Review (By The best #coconut oil for #skincare


Cocovit and all it’s splendor is a super versatile, premium product any avid green beauty freak should have in their arsenal. This is one of those products my entire body is thankful for, inside & out. I love Cocovit, I hope you get to try it too!

Cocovit Review (By The best #coconut oil for #skincare


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Cocovit Review


Cocovit Review



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  1. Sounds like a super product! it is not cheap though. Hum..tricky :-)! x

  2. Tianna says:

    lovely post, Angie! I love cocovit so much – they really make superior coconut oil ♥

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