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Saje Natural Wellness Review (by

Saje Natural Wellness Review

  My “Saje Natural Wellness Review” has been in the making for a while now. Seriously, I shop there so much – we’re on a first name basis lol! Trying to find a store...

Energy Berry Popsicles (By NO SUGAR, +SUPERFOODS, a great solution for #breakfast or a #healthy snack

Energy Berry Popsicles

Energy Berry Popsicles I’m no molly maker, so waking-up early to make breakfast is not part of my lingo. But I do buy into the whole “most important meal of the day…” schpeal. I...

Rose Water VS Witch Hazel - what is best for your skin! By #witchhazel #rosewater #skincare

Rose Water VS Witch Hazel

Rose Water VS Witch Hazel (Had no idea how popular this Rose Water VS Witch Hazel post would become. Since the 1st version was written when I was very “green” at blogging… Voici, my...

Sprouting Challenge (Day 6 & 7) UPDATE

Sprouting Challenge Day 6 & 7 If you’re not familiar with SPROUTING or my 14 Day Spouting Challenge see first post HERE IT’S SNACKING TIME After 6 full days of sprouting in my