Cannacup Farms Review

Stoked to have crossed paths on Instagram- giving birth to this Cannacup Farms Review! MUST BE +19yrs to continue reading!

I’m all about shopping Canada’s best flower. has a bit of it all! For the seasoned smoker, to a lightweight dabbler, they got your THC tastes covered…

Cannacup Mixes Goodness Up…

Shopping Cannacup Farms website is a bulked up department store of everything weed. From CBD isolates, edibles, tinctures, to skincare, flower, concentrates and more! They got you and your sponge friends covered. Order-up, stock-up and save up, you can get all your THC needs fixed.

Cannacup Farms Review - By #canadiancannabis #cannabisreview

First, I scored a pack of GUMMY WORMS from them. I am not a huge fan of edibles. So maybe I’m not the best voice for this. But these weren’t making me wanna run for a chaser. After taste wasn’t like I had just eaten a candy that’s for sure. You get that taste of THC- but they work and do the trick!

Premium Canadian Cannabis

I’m always up for good flower! Call me old-school, cause yea I am. Nothing like burning back and billowing that greatness. Cannacup didn’t let me down in that area! I was sent their SUNSET SHERBERT strain.

Watch out, cause it’s an Indica dominant hybrid with a punch. Sunset Sherbet comes from crossing the hugely popular GSC X Pink Panties strains. Not shy on the THC levels- expect 21-26%. As for the taste… Take it direct from the pro’s at

“Sunset Sherbet has the aroma of bubble-gum and berries, and it tastes of sherbet with a sweet earthy aftertaste that intensifies as you exhale.”

Yup, it’s all of that and a bag of chips, bong bliss!

Cannacup Farms Review – CONCLUSION

Finally, rolling this all up into a cannon for ya and firing it off If you came here cause you were considering buying, browsing, or burning some goodness. Well, I am be happy help. From their high grade isolates to their two-bite infused Cinnamon Rolls! Yes, they are awesome players in this Canadian canna scene.

Follow along folks!


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