Where to Buy the Best Witch Hazel

Where to Buy the Best Witch Hazel

Where to Buy the Best Witch Hazel (by WhippedGreenGirl.com) #witchhazel #toner #astringent #earthwise

Do you use witch hazel, but wonder where to buy the best WITCH HAZEL! Don’t worry I did the research, testing – found it! Since, I’m often recommending this amazing liquid… Glad to break down all the benefits and best brand via my latest YouTube video!

WATCH! Where Buy the Best Witch Hazel

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Videos not your cup of tea? Don’t worry… Here’s the blog (written) version of “Where to Buy the Best Witch Hazel”

Trust me, when it comes to witch hazel I’ve tried so many kinds and brands: alcohol-free and not, distillate and not, fragrances and fragrance-free. You name, I’ve sprayed it…

Out of my entire lot, who is the best I’ve tested? Let me present – EARTHWISE WITCH HAZEL!

Where to Buy the Best Witch Hazel (by WhippedGreenGirl.com) #witchhazel #toner #astringent #earthwise


In case, you have no idea about witch hazel– it’s a clear liquid, has no smell… When sprayed on your face, it instantly restores pH levels – leaving skin, fresh & clean! It’s a perfect 100% pure face toner!


Witch hazel has an expiry of about 1yr. (last longer if kept in fridge…) but once you pop that seal, it’ll start losing its potency over time – keep in mind…


Winning skin type that should be using witch hazel is oily, acne prone, normal complexions (if you have sensitive skin, try rose water instead…)

BENEFITS of adding witch hazel to your beauty regime:

  • Regardless of age, it’ll fight acne (loosens blackheads / removes excess dirt)
  • Considered one of the best astringent on earth (reduces inflammation)
  • Helps decrease oily / red skin
  • Treats puffy eye syndrome
  • Acts as a natural moisturizer (restores pH instantly)
  • Disinfects
  • Anti-aging



See this quote taken from EarthWiseNaturals.com:

Where to Buy the Best Witch Hazel (by WhippedGreenGirl.com)


First, YAY! This witch hazel is 100% ALCOHOL-FREE. Alcohol dries-out skin and is just cheap filler.

So, why would manufacturers use alcohol? Because, chucking in some alcohol saves them lots of money. Instead of using only 100% (more expensive) witch hazel… Please, watch-out for alcohol-loaded witch hazel’s!

Being a little, loved Canadian family company – they sell directly to big manufacturers solely. Probably to save the stress of dealing with sales, store-fronts, orders etc.

All of that to say, I bought my bottle of EARTHWISE ON WELL.ca for $9.29. Also, buy it on Amazon

Where to Buy the Best Witch Hazel (by WhippedGreenGirl.com) #witchhazel #toner #astringent #earthwise

CONCLUSION -Where to Buy the Best Witch Hazel

Yes, I paid for this product and love it! For more info – go to EARTHWISENATURALS.com

Finally, I guarantee Earthwise witch hazel is ALCOLHOL FREE and 99.8% PURE. Making this Witch Hazel, the purest I have found for sale on the market! You can’t buy any better than 99.8% pure.

Thanks for checking-out “Where to Buy the Best Witch Hazel”

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Earthwise Natural Witch Hazel Distillate

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Where to Buy the Best Witch Hazel (by WhippedGreenGirl.com) #witchhazel #toner #astringent #earthwise


Where to Buy the Best Witch Hazel (by WhippedGreenGirl.com) #witchhazel #toner #astringent #earthwise

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