BUTR Review

BUTR Savonnerie Review

BUTR Review

I love prancing through the pages of Etsy.com peeking around for the latest in eco-beauty products. It always pays-off, just like when I discovered a company called “BUTR” from Montreal, Canada!

BUTR are designers of artisinal, natural custom made soaps. I found them cause I was on the hunt for an “apple cider vinegar” based shampoo. I was amazed when I saw not only did they use apple cider vinegar in one of their  bars, they also had activated charcoal soap. I was on cloud-nine; I had to get my hands on these products, take em’ for a test drive, and share all the benefits!


I’d never stock my shower with regular shampoo – they strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving behind dry, toxic effects. I kept reading about benefits of cider vinegar in shampoo, including:

  • Balances your scalps pH levels
  • Removes product build-up
  • Doesn’t rob hair of all its natural oils
  • Seals hair cuticle (meaning you end up with softer, shinier hair less susceptible to split ends)
  • Treats dry, itchy, dandruff prone scalps
  • Replaces conditioner since it works as a detangler



  • Cost: $7.09USD
  • Weight: 110 g

BUTR provided me with a soap bar form of their “Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo”. It holds a sweet, natural scent (ylang-ylang & mint)… kind of nice it doesn’t reek of vinegar. It didn’t turn into a foam bomb either when it hit water. To keep it from melting in between washes, make sure to put the bar in a soap tray, void of getting hit by water & melting.

I’m on this once a week washing my hair kick lately (my hair feels amazing from it!) so this shampoo had a serious job to do, considering my hair is pretty greasy after 7 days of no washing. It’s a bar shampoo, so I rubbed it on my head like I would soap on my body. I could feel it tingle a smidgen on my scalp and it foamed-up enough to know I had applied enough of it. It did miracles on my scalp for sure! But the super oily tips of my hair (that really needed washing) still felt a bit greasy and could use another dose. I loved this bars effects on detoxing my scalp but as a sole shampoo- it takes a few times using the product before your hair fully adapts.


From clay’s to carrier oils, new beauty secrets keep coming-out of the woodwork’s, it’s nothing but fun keeping-up. Activated charcoal is the new eco-beauty must on the scene because it can suck-up impurities and gives your skin a deep cleanse. I always knew this as the stuff they gave out in hospitals for poisoning, overdosing… Really, the thought of washing or whitening my teeth with a pitch black charcoal seemed nothing short of amazing. Here’s some of the benefits on skin I found:

  • Draws poisons/chemicals/dirt from skin
  • Helps acne prone skin
  • Fights body odor
  • Disinfects wounds & insect bites
  • Used in face masks to clear pores & absorb excess oil

(There is a great article HERE on how “activated charcoal soap” helped heal this woman’s adult acne)

Activated Charcoal Soap Butr reviewBUTR “ACTIVATED CHARCOAL SOAP” REVIEW:

  • Cost: $7.09USD
  • Weight: 110 g

I really wanted to add activated charcoal to my beauty regime; what better way than with soap (buy it HERE)! It smells like tea tree oil, known also for its crusade against acne. The bar itself is dark gray, and has a smooth, grainy exfoliate feel to it (and against skin when washing). It doesn’t go on black though thankfully, sudded-up on skin it looks whitish-grey. I’ve always struggled with acne on my shoulders and this was a really easy way to wash and treat that area. I can say after a month of use, I noticed a difference.

Adding activated charcoal via soap form is a sweet addition to naturally, detoxing your skin. More than just a trend, coal on skin has really served me well.

BUTR offers a buffet of other rarely, found, superstar soaps via their Etsy shop HERE – from bargain deals of “Soaps Sets” to aromatherapy blends that will make you want to shower, see what I’m preaching:

 Butr soap review


Not afraid to blend ingredients that aren’t necessarily conventional in soaps is a craft BUTR does well. These types of viable cleaning options make showering fun, using aromatherapy and plant-based ingredients to keep hair and skin, soft and clean. I’ll be proudly stocking a few socks this Christmas with these ahead of their time soap bars. This is my shout-out to BUTR, an exceptional company- offering some of the best, unique soaps in Canada!

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